You’ve never seen Google statistics like this before

Google in real time

I’ve seen a lot of statistics that paint a picture of how many Google searches are done every day or even every minute. Or how many YouTube videos are watched every second.

But I’ve never seen these statistics illustrated in a neater way than in a “live” infographic. The snapshot I included below is frozen in time at 46 seconds but if you click through to the source website, the infographic will start keeping statistics about Google in real time. Of course these numbers are estimates so enjoy it for the entertainment value more than the factual value.

The infographic includes the standard number of Google searches and YouTube video views as well as some other fun statistics. It even includes financial statistics such as how much revenue Google has earned in the time it took you to read this. I’m pretty sure not a one of us would complain if we were making money anywhere near as fast as Google.

The 46 second snapshot is below. Click here for the “live” infographic.

Google in real time

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