Xfinity Technical Support | Contact Cheat Sheet

Xfinity Technical Support | Contact Cheat SheetAre you trying to contact Xfinity technical support? The bundled Internet, telephone, and TV services company has many subscribers. However, contacting Xfinity technical support may not always be the easiest. If you want to connect with Xfinity technical support but don’t know exactly what to do, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a contact cheat sheet to make contacting Xfinity technical support a breeze.

Ways to Contact Xfinity Technical Support


Step 1: Call Xfinity Technical Support Hotline

Call Xfinity Technical Support Hotline | Xfinity Technical Support | Contact Cheatsheet

Customers can check the Xfinity help website for various answers to questions about service. If you prefer to contact Xfinity by phone, reach them at 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-934-6489. 

Step 2: Chat Live with a Technical Support Agent

If you don’t want to talk to a customer service representative, you can chat live with an agent on the site. Once on the website, choose the category where your question falls such as billing, log-in, password, TV support, voice support, internet support, home security, or app support.

Step 3: Ask the Xfinity Community

Ask The Xfinity Community | Xfinity Technical Support | Contact Cheatsheet

For internet customers, there is a forum intended solely for Comcast customers. In this online forum, you can search for your problem or question in past forums. Also, you can post a new question if the forum doesn’t include your search.

Step 4: Find a Service Center

If you’re not tech savvy and find the items above a little confusing or scary, the best solution may be to visit an Xfinity service center to speak with an employee face-to-face. The company offers a store locator where you can search for a service center near you. Aside from being able to ask an Xfinity employee all of your questions, you can also check out new products and services. For Comcast users, you can also search for a service center in your area with the same tool.

Step 5: Other Ways to Contact Xfinity Technical Support

If you haven’t succeeded in contacting Xfinity support, there’s one last thing you can do! Look for the contact information of the local franchise authority in the area. When nothing else works, send a public tweet via Twitter or Facebook comment to the official Xfinity accounts with your issue.


If you’re having a problem voice control and voice guidance with your Xfinity X1, here’s a short help video for you:

We hope your questions are answered soon! Tell us which method worked the best for you in the comments below.

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