My 3 favorite places to watch Xfinity Instant TV

This post is sponsored by Xfinity. All opinions expressed are my own.

There are a ton of on-demand choices when it comes to watching television shows and movies over the internet. But every once in a while, I still hanker for two things – watching live TV and watching my favorite shows DVR-style.

This is where the Xfinity Instant TV service really comes in handy. I’ve been using it on a trial basis for the past 30 days or so and eager to share how you can watch live television, as well as recorded shows, without having a cable box.

Specifically, these are my favorite three places to watch Xfinity’s Instant TV:

1. Instant TV in my home office

I don’t have a television in my home office. But with Xfinity’s Instant TV running on my iPad via the Xfinity Stream app, I can tune into the various sports and news channels in the morning or catch a college basketball game when I’m working late into the night. I just prop my iPad up on a stand next to my computer and I’m good to go.

Xfinity Instant TV in my home office

2. Instant TV on the treadmill

I don’t love working out on the treadmill but sometimes it’s a necessity. To make it less boring, I once again take advantage of the Stream app on my iPad, which I keep propped up on a music stand set in front of the treadmill. Yes, I know I could set it right on the treadmill’s display panel, but I like to also keep track of my progress and how much time I have left in each interval while I’m working out.

Also, because I tend to be more focused on the treadmill, I usually dive right into my recorded shows which play right from my Instant TV’s Cloud DVR. If I get bored or run out of recorded shows to watch, I’ll flip over to HBO (which is one of the add-on channel packs I have that Xfinity offers) to catch a movie. If my workout ends before the movie does (which happens 99.9% of the time), I just touch the option to record the rest of the movie, so I can watch it later that night or during my next workout.

Xfinity Instant TV on my treadmill

3. Instant TV in the bedroom

This isn’t as bad as it sounds. I don’t watch Instant TV while my wife is trying to sleep next to me. Rather, our two main televisions in our house are sometimes occupied by some combination of my wife and my two sons. When this happens, I just grab my iPad and sneak away to the bedroom, prop myself up with some fluffy pillows and enjoy my favorite recorded shows and movies.

As a bonus, if I get tired, I’m already in bed and just need to set the iPad on my nightstand and drift off to sleep.

Xfinity Instant TV in my bedroom

Why it all just works

I’m able to watch live and recorded television shows and movies in all these locations because of how Instant TV works. Instead of the programming coming over a cable wire, it comes right over my internet connection. So anywhere in the house that I have internet, I have Instant TV.

Same goes with the recorded shows. Instant TV has cloud DVR storage which means I can still record my shows, but they don’t need to be stored on a “box” anywhere in my house. Instead, they are stored in my own little private internet storage which means wherever I go, my recorded shows follow.

Note: Your list of available channels is dependent on a connection to your in-home Wi-Fi. Your entire channel line-up is available while connected to your home Wi-Fi, while only some of the channels will be available when connected to Wi-Fi outside your home.

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Added bonus – I choose the channel packages I want

Another great feature of Instant TV is that I don’t have to sift through dozens of unwanted channels to find something to watch. Instead, I can start with the basic Instant TV package and then add on whatever programming packages I want.

This is great for people who have cut the cord, but still want a convenient way to get programming in any room in their house. Are you a movie buff? Add on the Entertainment channel pack. Sports fan? Add on the Sports & News channel pack.

Or, if you’re like me and absolutely must have your fix of Game of Thrones or Westworld, add on the HBO premium channel pack.

Cut the cord, not the service

Cutting the cord isn’t always as easy or simple as it sounds. People often miss their network or favorite cable channels or the ability to time-shift their viewing times with their DVR. Xfinity’s Instant TV offers a great compromise for people who want to cut the cord but not lose out on their favorite channels and DVR service.

My 3 favorite places to watch Xfinity Instant TV
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