Why you should add books to your Audible.com wishlist

I’m a big fan and avid user of Audible.com. I just love listening to books in the car, on a walk or when I’m mowing the lawn.

My only problem with Audible.com is that I can’t keep up with the number of books I want to consume. That’s why I take advantage of Audible’s wish list. When I hear about or discover a new book I want to listen to but know it will be a while before I will get to it, I add it to my wish list in my Audible.com account. That way, when it comes time to purchase a new book, I go straight to my wish list and pick off a title I know I’ve ready done my due diligence on.

Another benefit to the wish list

Recently, I’ve discovered an even better reason to use Audible’s wish list feature. When Audible has a sale on a selection of books on their site, they now cross-reference the books on the sale with the books in your wish list. If they find a match, you get an email like this:

Audible: In your wish list and on sale

This is no-brainer marketing to me. I already know I want the book and now you’re telling me I can get it at a better price. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have purchased 100% of the books in the “on sale” emails Audible has sent me.

Want the same Audible.com perk? If you’re not a member of Audible.com, sign up with one of their trial memberships. Then start browsing their book selection and adding your favorites to your wish list.

Audible: Add to wish list



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  1. Jairus

    Awesome, I’m a big fan of audible.