When the going gets tough, turn to Google

Q: I have a 30 GB iPod Video. Everything worked just fine until the upgrade to iTunes 7. Apple has had me delete my iTunes and QuickTime about 4 different times and reload them. On my hard drive now I do not get any video. Before I could watch a movie that I am going to down load on my iPod off of my hard drive, now all I get is a fuzzy image. I have even tried to download a game and when I do the demo I can not see the game because the picture is fuzzy. The movie will load just fine on my iPod, but sometimes I like to watch movies from my hard drive. I can not get the person at Apple Help to understand what I am talking about. Do you think that iTunes expects you to buy the QuickTime Pro in order to view a video off of my hard drive or be able to get games? Do you have any suggestions?

iPod videoA: Whenever someone asks me a question with this level of technical difficulty I immediately turn to Google to help me out. With the right search terms, many times you can find the exact solution to your problem or, at the very least, know that others are experiencing the same problems as you.

For example, searching on “can you play iPod games without iPod” turns up a Frequently Asked Questions web page on Apple’s web site that specifically mentions that you can not play iPod games in iTunes. The only way to play them is on a fifth generation iPod.

As for the video problem, I tried several searches and was unable to find anything relevant to the problem you described. I do not believe you should have to purchase QuickTime Pro just to watch movies on your computer.

The only reasons I can think of as to why your video may be fuzzy are that you are either trying to watch the video full screen or larger than the intended playback resolution of the video or you are running into some sort of digital rights management issue meaning iTunes does not think you have the appropriate license to watch the video.

Your best bet at this point is to pick up the phone and give Noobie a call. Depending on where you live I may be able to look at your computer either by dropping by your house or by remote connecting to your computer from my office. Once I see the problem in action I may have some additional suggestions that may help solve your issue.

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