What’s new in Windows 10?

Tech Talk with Mr. Noobie

In this episode of Tech Talk, Mr. Noobie describes what’s new in Windows 10 including things like the revamped Start menu, the new Edge browser, Cortana and a few other new goodies. Mr. Noobie also talks about how to get Windows 10, how much (if anything) it will cost you and what you need to know and what you need to do before upgrading.

Mr. Noobie talks with Michelle Gilbert of Comcast’s Heartland Region about whether you should buy or rent your cable modem and wireless router.

And finally, Mr. Noobie talks about some of his favorite tech things including a new little gadget that is sitting on his nightstand right now. It stays there when he’s home and it travels with him to hotels when he’s on the road.

Don’t miss the two Tech Talk Tech Tips between segments. This episode’s tech tips include “Give Gmail an Outlook-like preview pane” and “View basic information about your computer”.

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