What To Expect From Noobie This 2018

What To Expect From Noobie This 2018With various technological advancements making their marks in 2017, it’s time to look forward to what 2018 has in store for the tech world. Could the emergence of Sophia or the launching of the new iPhone X be topped in the upcoming year? Read on to catch the predictions that could shake the tech world next year!

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Know the upcoming trends in the tech world

Know the upcoming trends in the tech world | What To Expect From Noobie This 2018

1. AI-powered machines

Artificial Intelligence has been around for some years now, however, the technology made huge leaps in 2017 with the emergence of Sophia. Sophia won’t be the last of the human-like robots to come out thanks to AI. We can expect more impressive feats using AI technology not only in 2018 but in the years to come.

2. AI-driven  apps and software

With automation becoming important in today’s economy, apps and software will have AI incorporated into their systems. Businesses will have more time making important business decisions if day to day activities and processes, such as digital marketing, will be taken care of by a software that identifies challenges and implements solutions on its own.

3. More things becoming “smart”

Phones, cars and even homes have become “smart” in the past few years. Expect more things getting installed with AI systems for smoother processes, such as facial recognition and animated emojis.

4. Combination of Edge and Cloud computing

Combination of Edge and Cloud computing | What To Expect From Noobie This 2018

Although previously seen as competing with each other, it’s predicted that Edge computing combined with Cloud services will make a bigger impact in technology next year. Edge computing will help connect the gap found within Cloud services.

5. Voice technology being able to recognize more complex commands

You might have already used voice command on your phone to search for a term on the internet or to call someone on your phonebook. However, conversational platforms could evolve for the better in 2018. For example, oral testimonials from witnesses could be recreated through voice command to make a virtual sketch of a suspect in a crime.

6. Better AR and VR experience

Better AR and VR experience | What To Expect From Noobie This 2018

Augmented reality and virtual reality are steadily improving and the next 5 years will see mixed reality technology come up with even more innovation. In 2018, smartphones with AR and VR technologies will predictably take the market by storm. In fact, it has already started with Apple’s ARKit in iPhone X.

7. More complex security systems

With Wannacry creating a panicked stir in the tech world in 2017, it would only be natural for businesses and financial institutions to look for and employ more powerful security systems.  Continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) may have better chances of improving in the coming years.

What to look forward to this year

What to look forward to this year | What To Expect From Noobie This 2018

Brace yourselves this year for more tech tips, guides to the latest technology, tech and social media hacks, and gadget comparisons!

Find out how to fully maximize your PayPal account, do some spring cleaning on your cache and cloud, as well as master PowerPoint and other software on your computer. We will also teach help you look for apps that can increase work productivity. Planning on getting a new smartwatch? We’ll compare the best ones for you as well!

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While various technological advances came out in 2017, there’s no doubt that the year ahead will be full of innovation. Stay tuned for advancements from Noobie in 2018 as well!

Which prediction are you most looking forward to in 2018? Which ones have a higher possibility of becoming reality? Let us know in the comments section below!



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