What Is iCloud And How Do I Use It? | iCloud Storage

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How many times have you gotten lost in thinking “What is iCloud?” or “What’s iCloud used for?” Do you have an iOS device but are not sure exactly what it is or does? If you’re not using iCloud, then you are missing out on one of the best features of Apple products! Get to know more about Apple’s cloud storage service and how to use it!

What is iCloud? | The Noobie’s Guide to Apple’s iCloud

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What is iCloud?

It’s Apple’s cloud computing and cloud storage service. Still scratching your head thinking to yourself “What is iCloud used for?” This article will give you a good rundown of what to use it for and how. Cloud storage holds data such as pictures, music, apps, and documents. For Apple devices, it also helps users manage their iOS device when it’s lost or stolen.

How do I use the iCloud?

Once you receive your new iOS device, you’re going to have to set up your own iCloud account. You’ll be needing an Apple ID to set it up. If you don’t have an Apple ID yet, you can create one as you sign up.

Once you finish creating the account, it will be easier to manage multiple Apple devices. All you need to do is sign up on all devices using only one Apple ID and a change in one device will appear on the others. For example, if you add a new album to your iPhone, it can show up on your Mac Book as well.

iCloud also backs up your data so you can restore when you’ve accidentally deleted an item or when things suddenly go wrong with your gadget. This includes photos, documents, and even text messages in your iPhone or other Apple device. Your data is backed up every day. Once your gadget is connected to Wi-Fi, plugged in and locked, iCloud automatically proceeds with the backup. If you prefer not to have your data backed up automatically, you can opt to turn off this feature through the settings.

It can also be accessed in non-Apple devices. You can get web-only access to use its features by using a browser from any other OS such as Windows or Android.

What does iCloud back up?

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As mentioned earlier, iCloud backs up your data automatically every day. You can opt to turn it off if you prefer to do it manually. But what exactly does iCloud back up? Basically everything in your Apple device.

Backups include your call history, app data, and organization, home screen, device settings, Apple Watch backups, and much more. Data already stored directly in the cloud storage such as contacts, bookmarks, and calendars are no longer included in the automatic daily back up.

How much Storage does iCloud have?

Every account comes with 5 GB of storage space. If you need more space, you can opt for an upgrade to get 50 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB worth of data. You can even share the plan with your family. If you, however, prefer to stick with the free account, then it would be a good idea to manually do the backups. This way, you can manage and delete data you don’t need anymore to avoid using up your iCloud storage.

How Secure is the iCloud?

There’s really no need to be paranoid about Apple employees peering in on your data and reading your text messages. The iCloud secures information by encrypting it during transport as well as storage. What does this mean? It means only you would be able to access your files.

However, it’s still important to note that hackers are just looming around and may try to break into your account. There are several precautionary measures you can take to make sure your account is secured from the peering eyes of hackers.


To learn more about how to use the Apple iCloud, check out this tutorial from Technology for Teachers and Students:

The iCloud is a very useful tool many Apple users don’t know how to maximize. If you have multiple Apple devices, their cloud service is a convenient way of organizing your data in all gadgets at once. Make sure to study all of its features and take advantage of it to keep your data safe and secure!

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