What is Evernote | Everything You Need To Know

What is Evernote | Everything You Need To KnowWhat is Evernote? Evernote is a free application for your computer and smartphone that stores notes, tasks lists, and a multitude of digital documents. It’s one of the most popular digital notebook apps available to smartphone users today. Do you crave organization or have a busy schedule? This efficient app could be the answer to organizational needs in both your personal and professional life.

What is Evernote | All About This Digital Notebook App

Who Would Benefit From Evernote

Who Would Benefit From Evernote | What is Evernote | Everything You Need To Know

Everyone! Evernote was built for all ages and walks of life. Anyone who can use the computer and the internet can use this digital notebook app. Business owners, online workers, students and others who want to organize their lives can greatly benefit from using Evernote. This app was built for users to benefit from an organization tool that’s practical, convenient and easy-to-use.

What Can You Do With Evernote

Evernote’s tagline reads “Remember everything.” Those who need to keep track of a busy schedule – from to-do lists, notes, grocery lists, meeting schedules and much more will benefit from this app. First off, there is a notebook feature available within Evernote. You can organize notebooks and notes within these notebooks. These are helpful in making sure you’re on track whether for business, work or school work – and also save endless amounts of paper!

Evernote has checklists, too. You can choose one feature called the check-box bullet point option. It’s perfect for grocery lists, daily to-do lists, and the other things you need to remember.

The note app also allows you to add clippings, audio recordings, and images to your notes. For the forgetful, Evernote has a feature to set reminders on specific notes. Aside from being a digital note-taking app, Evernote can also help you remember client meetings, deadlines, and anniversary dates!

Another great feature Evernote offers is the ability to share the notes with others. You can share notes and letters with your significant other, friends, or business partner. All you have to do is share it with their account. It operates very similar to an instant messaging app, allowing users to collaborate seamlessly at work and make it easier to share documents, files, and progress reports with your boss and colleagues.

When To Use Evernote

When To Use Evernote | What is Evernote | Everything You Need To Know

You can use Evernote practically anywhere and anytime as long as you have a smartphone. Users are able to access the app both offline and online, but it’s designed to sync all of your notes and notebooks across all your devices only when you have an internet connection. Whether you’re note-taking during a meeting or feeling the need to jot down a new business idea, Evernote is the tool to keep your personal and professional life organized.

Why Evernote

What is Evernote? It’s simple, easy-to-use, and very helpful in almost any environment. With that being said, you can trust Evernote to keep your files safe as everything in the app is uploaded to the cloud. Evernote is useful for managing all sorts of professional and personal online aspects of life since you can use it for work or for other reasons. It’s very convenient and you can access these files anytime. If you want to organize every facet of your life, this is the digital notebook to download and use.

How To Use Evernote

How To Use Evernote | What is Evernote | Everything You Need To Know

All you need to do is to sign up using your email, fill the form and you can enjoy the various features Evernote has to offer. You can capture information, access anywhere, and find things fast. For a quick start, you can access their help page for more information. You can start using Evernote in just three easy steps – add a note, add content to the note, and save the note. Users can organize these notes within notebooks and you can add tags to easily access them in the future.

You can search the note or access it across many platforms – iOS, Android, MAC, and Windows. Sharing is also easy and can be done many ways – using iMessage for iOS 10 or higher devices, using work chat, sending the note via email and copy and pasting a public link to a note.

What is Evernote? Check out the 11 most amazing features of Evernote in this video:

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We hope this has helped you answer your questions of “What is Evernote?” As you’ve read, the app made for organizing information, dates, events, and meetings for many aspects of life. Whether it’s school or collaborative work with your colleagues, Evernote is sure to make doing so easier and more convenient.

What else do you want to know about Evernote? Share your questions below.

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