What is Android, really? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I still see a lot of confusion when it comes to people understanding what Android is. And it didn’t help any that Motorola (back in the day) created a line of Android phones called “Droid”.

The way I describe Android is that it is not a phone. Rather it is an operating system for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The equivalent of Android on an iPhone would be called iOS. On a PC, it would be Windows.

So in the Motorola example, a Droid phone would run the Android operating system. Same with Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S4 runs the Android operating system.

As for how Android came to be and how they name new versions of their operating systems, the infographic below does a decent job of explaining it. The one thing I think they missed is that each new version of the Android operating system is named alphabetically after a sweet or treat. They mention the sweet or treat part but not that each new version increases one letter alphabetically.

The infographic does do a good job of explaining what major improvements were made to each new version of the Android operating system.

Android Through The Ages

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