What Do You Think About Shoebox For Photo And Video Storage?

Feature | checking photos and file | What Do You Think About Shoebox For Photo And Video Storage?Is Shoebox the best video and photo storage app? How does it compare with other other similar programs? Get the answers you need in this blog post.

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Shoebox for Photo and Video Storage | Why Do You Need It?

What Makes Shoebox Different from the Other Storage Apps

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Question: What do you think about Shoebox for photo and video storage? – Pat S. from Birmingham, Alabama

Answer: When it comes to the best photo storage, the list is getting longer. There are a lot of services and programs you can use to back up your photos or videos on their smartphone. Most of these services use Cloud storage that can automatically back up files.

  • iPhone users can use iCloud photo backup.
  • Those with an Android device can get well-rated storage apps in the Google Play Store.
  • Google users can choose Google Drive.

These apps may be some of the best online photo storage options, but they have a common limitation. They offer only a limited amount of free storage. If you want more, you have to pay for it. Shoebox is different since it can provide free unlimited storage for your photos. You can also use the app for online video storage.

You may say, “Well, Amazon has it as well.” It’s true, but it can also cost a lot of money at $59 per year. It can’t save videos either.

The Benefits of Shoebox

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Shoebox is a popular video and storage option. Here are some reasons why users love it:

1. It Supports a Wide Variety of Platforms

Some media storage programs work on Android phones or iOS devices only. There are web apps that can’t do syncing with mobile devices. Shoebox can support different platforms. These include:

If you’re using Windows, the program is compatible with even the older versions such as XP and Vista. It becomes valuable when you already have old photos or videos you’ve taken pre-smartphone era. Note, though, Windows no longer provides support for the legacy versions. It means you can no longer receive security patches or fixes for bugs.

Overall, as long as the device has a newer mobile app version, there’s a high chance it can work with Shoebox. It also doesn’t just back up on these devices but also allows syncing. This way, you can access the same file in your tablet, laptop, desktop, and browser.

To get started with Shoebox go to shoeboxapp.com or download the app for iPhone/iPad or Android.

2. It Can Store an Unlimited Number of Photos

What sets the Shoebox app different from all the others is the number of photos it can save: unlimited. You get this same benefit whether you are using the Free or the Pro version. I bet there’s no better combination than “unlimited” and “free.”

3. It Has a High Level of Security

Photos and videos can still be sources of vital personal information. To increase online security, the program uses a sophisticated encryption system used by the government and banks. It also creates multiple copies of the same images and stores them in various locations. This way, you always have the chance to retrieve the Shoebox photos and videos at any time. It is especially helpful during disaster recovery.

4. It Can Automatically Back Up the Media Files

If you worry you may forget backing up certain photos or videos, you can let Shoebox solve that for you. It can automatically store the media files in the cloud as long as the app is running. If you don’t want to do that, you can change the settings and select the device locations you wish to back up.

5. You Can Store Videos in HD

Shoebox reviews call the app one of the best online video storage choices because it can keep high-quality videos. To be specific, you can save your copies in HD with hardly any loss in quality.

The Limitations of the Apps

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The list of benefits above may make Shoebox the holy grail of online photo and video storage, but it’s not. It also has limitations such as the following:

1. The Quality of Videos and Photos May Be Different

Shoebox may not upload your photos using their original quality. As of writing, the app limits the photo quality to 10.6 megapixels. If your camera is capable of taking a 14-megapixel photo, it will be slightly downgraded to 10.6 megapixels once it moves to the program.

Fortunately, if you’re using an iPhone, this is a non-issue. Even the newest iPhone XS only has a 12-megapixel camera. Unless you’re taking professional photos, this program may do just fine. The 10.6-megapixel capability is way more than enough to print any kind of standard photos. That is if you even care about printing them.

2. Video Storage Is Not Unlimited

The free Shoebox plan offers unlimited storage for photos only. For video, you only get 15 minutes of video backup. For each video, it allocates up to 3 minutes. It may also “re-encode” the video, which means the quality may still change. Even the Pro plan doesn’t give you a lot of video storage. At the most, you can have 10 hours’ worth of backup.

3. It May Not Back Up When You Are Low in Battery

The app has the tendency to pause syncing when it senses you’re already losing your battery life. It may also require an Internet connection to back up and sync across devices, which may drain its power further.

Learn about shoebox in this video from ShoeboxApp:

Digital files are certainly the way to go if you want to save yourself from the extra work that comes with storing physical photos. If you still have traditional photos and want to store them digitally, you can try converting them into digital files by scanning them using a scanner (or if you have it, a mobile photo scanner). It’s certainly the way to go if want to have the security of knowing your wedding photos, family photos, and other precious memories are preserved and safely stored somewhere. On a final note, if you only take a handful of photos and videos with your phone, stick with iCloud (iPhone only), Google Drive, or Dropbox. If you have hundreds of these media files, pick Shoebox. If you want to maintain the quality of your photo and video, consider upgrading to Pro, which costs only $5 monthly.

What do you think of Shoebox? Share your opinions below. Do you have a question for Mr. Noobie? Submit your question here.

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