What are your thoughts on 4K television?


Look at any ad for a new television (they’re everywhere around Super Bowl time) and you’ll see the word 4K thrown around everywhere. It’s the newest craze in high definition television—and the newest way to get you to buy a new television.

So what the heck does 4K mean? In a nutshell, it means, really, really, really good resolution. Remember that high definition, 1080p flatscreen television you bought just a few years ago? Yup, it’s already yesterday’s news. 4K television has roughly 4 times better resolution than your 1080p television.

Vizio M65-C1 4K television

Does this mean you need to run out to the store right away and upgrade to a 4K television? Well, not so fast. Some people argue that there’s just not enough of a visible difference to warrant the upgrade. In other words, 1080p is “good enough”. Others say those people are crazy and that 4K television is the most brilliant thing they have ever seen and you should jump on the first chance you get to upgrade to a new 4K television.

Then there’s the issue of available 4K programming. Just because you have a 4K television, doesn’t mean your favorite show on television is going to be broadcast in 4K. It’s probably not. Sure, Netflix has a few 4K programs but by and large they are still hard to come by.

I want to hear your opinion of 4K television. Do you plan on purchasing a new 4K television or are you in the “good enough” crowd with your current television? I created the poll below so you can chime in with your answer.

If you can not see the embedded poll above please use the following link: What are your thoughts on 4K television?

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