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Q: When I try to click on a link on a web site I get a message “The requested URL could not be found on this server” What can I do?

IE 404 errorA: This is a common error message that people receive when surfing the Internet. It usually occurs when the owners of a web site have moved or deleted a web page and there are still other web pages linking to the original page location. Think of it like someone you know giving you the street address to a really good bakery but when you get in your car and drive to the address, the building has a sign in the window that says “we’ve moved”.

It can also occur if the web administrator had a typo in the link address when creating the web page. Back to my analogy this would be like that same person giving you the wrong address to the bakery.

The term URL, if you are interested, stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It’s a fancy way to describe a web page’s address or location on the Internet. In other words, the URL for Noobie, Inc. is http://www.noobie.com/.

As far as the error is concerned, there is nothing you can really do to fix the problem. You can, however, as a courtesy send an e-mail to the web administrator letting him or her know you received the error, what page you received it on and what link you clicked when you received the error.
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