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Need to know what version of Windows you’re running? Or what speed your processor runs at? Or maybe how much memory you have installed? You can pull up a window with all of this information and more by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard while pressing the Pause/Break key [Windows + Pause/Break].

Windows + Pause/Break key

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  1. asudduth

    As some laptops don’t have an easily accessible pause/break key (sometimes you have to use the Function/FT key with it, and othertimes it does not work at all) – you can also use the mouse:
    Windows 7: go to the start menu, and right-click on “Computer” and choose “Properties”
    Windows 8: Right click on the start button, then choose “System”

    • Patric Welch

      I have to do this even on my desktop computer because I use my own Logitech keyboard. So it’s Windows key + Fn + End, where Pause/Break is the Fn function of the End key. I usually use the right-click computer/properties method as well but since I found out about this shortcut, I find it easier. Then again, I live for keyboard shortcuts :)