How To Use Instagram Stories And Its New Features

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With all the new features on deck, it’s an exciting time to learn how to use Instagram stories. Whether it’s for personal or business use, the innovation it offers will be beneficial in this digital era. The way you share curated content with a creative touch is the same way how brands are using Instagram stories. So to learn more about how to make Instagram stories using its new features, read on.

Learn How to Use Instagram Stories’ New Features with These Steps


1. Create Your Stories

smartphone showing instagram | How To Use Instagram Stories And Its New Features | how to use instagram stories | how brands are using Instagram stories

The first thing to learn before exploring Instagram’s new features is how to create an Instagram story. If you’re new to this platform and just created an account, you may want to take note of the following:

Here’s How To Create a Basic Instagram Story:

  • Click the camera icon in the upper left corner of your home screen on Instagram. Another way is to go to your profile and click the plus sign in the lower right part of your default photo.
  • Toggle the front or rear camera before clicking the white button to take a photo. Tap and hold the same button if you want to record a video.
  • You can also get photos from your gallery by swiping upwards.
  • Tap the plus sign labeled with “Your Story” to start uploading your Instagram story.

2. Try Camera Modes

The next step on how to use Instagram stories is to try the different camera modes of the app. To give you a hint on how these modes function, see below.

  • Live- This feature is like Facebook Live wherein you can start a live video. The best thing about this is it’ll notify some of your Instagram followers so they can see what you uploaded.
  • Boomerang- It functions just the same as the Boomerang app. What it does is it shoots a burst of multiple photos and turns it into a looped mini-clip.
  • Superzoom- This tool allows you to superzoom the focus on your subject, making it a fun way to take a video. You can choose from Dramatic, Beats, TV Show, and Bounce video and sound effects.
  • Rewind- What this tool does is it winds back your video shot from the beginning.
  • Hands-Free- If you want to capture a shot but no one is around to take it for you, then the hands-free tool can rescue you.

3. Add Animated Face Filters

Instagram’s animated face filters are the same as Snapchat’s. So if you’re familiar with this app, then this new feature from Instagram story will be a piece of cake for you. You can take wacky shots with your friends using this tool as you let your followers know what you’re up to.

4. Add GIFs

Once you’re done taking or choosing your photo, you can now play with the designs. Add emojis and stickers to add to your Instagram stories. The new feature allows users to add an actual GIF to the story. Just tap the GIF box on the stickers tab and search the type of GIF you like. If you’re going to post about donuts, then key in the word donut on the GIF box. After that, you can select the perfect donut-related GIF for your Instagram story.

5. Choose Photo Filters

After adding designs, the next thing you need to learn on how to use Instagram stories is choosing the right photo filter. Just swipe left or right to pick the filter which interests you. These filters are fun to play with, and they’re now named after cities around the globe such as New York and Tokyo.


For more details on how to use Instagram stories, here’s a video from CNET’s channel to guide you:

Knowing how to use Instagram stories is essential, especially if Instagram is a part of your daily routine. Sharing online curated content is fun if you have friends who always wait for your Instagram story update. This is also quite exciting for brands because consumers nowadays are updated on the trends and looking forward to brands who can be on the same page with them.

What’s your favorite feature in Instagram stories? Tell us in the comments section below!

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How To Use Instagram Stories And Its New Features | how to make Instagram stories | how brands are using Instagram stories |

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