Do us all a favor and get off your cell phone

Man In Trendy Outfit With Sunglasses Talking On Cell PhoneI don’t often air my pet peeves on my blog but I have to make an exception today. I was standing in line inside a Speedway gas station and the guy in front of me was talking on his cell phone. When it was finally his turn with the cashier, he kept on talking on his cell phone throughout the entire transaction. Never said a word to the cashier presumably because his phone call was a higher priority to him than his manners.

When I reached the cashier, I couldn’t resist so I asked her if people talking on their cell phone while she rung up their purchases bugged her. Not only did she say yes but she went on to explain that she often has to ask a question about someone’s purchase and because they are on the cell phone they only half hear (if that) what she says and end up just nodding their head in agreement. Then when the transaction is complete and it isn’t what they expected, they complain loudly that she screwed up.

To the guy in front of me at Speedway and every other rude person who talks on their cell phone when someone is ringing up your purchases at a store, I have this to say to you:


If I was the cashier at a store and someone approached my counter talking on their cell phone, I would kindly ask them to step aside to let the next person in line through and inform them that they are welcome back to the front of the line when they finish their call.

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In this day and age, I would probably be fired for doing this. But it would be worth it.

Do us all a favor and get off your cell phone
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  1. Frances

    I so agree with you. It is unbeleivable that people will not put down their phones to interact with other. I have seen people on their phones while checking out at all different stores and they can’t be bothered to hang up. And the biggest one that bugs me is people in line to order food at fast food or casual dining restaurants while on their phone!! Hang up the darn phone! Your call is NOT that important.

  2. master redfox

    I work in retail and have to deal with people like this all the time, in fact, the secret shoppers they hire for us (we know who you are) use this trick to check on our reactions (like do we acknowledge the customer within 10 feet. I was raised to not interrupt someone talking on the phone so I have to force myself to ask that person if they need help while they are talking on the phone knowing they are not really listening to me but I am wrong by customer service standards if I don’t attempt to service them. I usually get the response to wait while they finish their call but they also won’t let me take care of anyone else as they are first in line so not just me has to wait but the customers behind them. So my request to the customers forced to wait tell these rude people to stop talking or get out of their way because if I say something I get written up and possibly fired.