How to Upgrade Your Trade Show Booth

Trade Show

If you are not getting as many customers as you want at your trade show booth, then you may want to consider ways to make your space more attractive and appealing. Here are some easy ways you can gain interested customers, no matter what event you are at.

Offer Samples

Samples are a great tactic for attracting customers and converting people into buying your product. There are a lot of ways to use samples in order to efficiently maximize your sales.

When you are deciding what to give to customers as a sample, be sure to use a product that your company is known for. This gives the sample meaning. For example, if you sell organic smoothies, pick your most loved flavor and use it as a sample. You should also be considering what your target market is, and cater your sampling to those types of people.

Free Sample

Have Customized Materials

Another way to make your booth stand out is to have a display that shows large pictures of your product, as well as your company logo and mission. This way, customers will be able to see immediately what business you are in and what product you are endorsing. There are many companies that will make customized booth displays specific to your budget and needs, such as orbus displays.

Having features such as large banners, backlit displays and other ways to promote your brand will surely help potential clients notice your trade show booth and make it stand out among all the others.

Orbus 10' Hopup Straight Backlit Fabric Display

Hold a Presentation

Designing periodic presentations, at set times throughout the day, is a good way to attract people to your product or service without being overbearing. Just standing at your booth and speaking into a microphone will elevate your display from the others.

To make your presentation even more effective, create a list of talking points ahead of time, and practice what you will do in a variety of scenarios where you could possibly get interrupted or your customers may lose interest. This way, you can be prepared for any scenario that occurs during the trade show, and handle yourself accordingly.

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Play a Game

If you want to attract people to your booth, there is no better way than to have a flashy wheel or game that they can play while learning about your products. For example, one of the most popular games is simply the spin the wheel mechanism, where people can spin a wheel and get one of your sample size products as a result.

Even a small discount for a future purchase is enticing. Other easy games to do with customers who visit your booth include simple board games or bean bag tosses. With a small investment, you can bring in a large audience to your trade show booth.

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Incentivize Potential Customers

There is nothing customers love more than a discount on a product that they already want to buy. This is also a good tactic to get the contact information of potential consumers while offering them a coupon or a promotional offer. You can do this by having them fill out a form either on paper or on a device, such as a tablet, and then informing them that the offer will be sent to their email address. You can input this information into a mailing list, which can be used for followup messages and other offers in the future.

With these tips, you are sure to have the best trade show booth and attract many more customers in the process.

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