Tuesday Twitter Roundup 02-26-13

Here is this week’s roundup of Twitter highlights posted from my Twitter account:


Want to unplug for a bit?

February 24

  • What is going on with the presenters tonight? I’ve seen better skits from Cub Scouts. #oscars
  • My wife just said Channing Tatum is a horrible dancer. Score. #oscars
  • Kristin Chenoweth standing next to Queen Latifah was like a bad Oscar version of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. #oscars
  • The best part about U11 soccer practice on Sunday afternoons? Dinner with the soccer moms and dads after :)
  • Just spent an hour outside tossing the football and playing basketball with my two boys. That’s how to spend time on the weekend.

February 23

  • I wonder if people could name a movie based on only one word. Ridonculous.
  • Just got smoked in 3 straight games of volleyball… and had a blast.
  • I am incapable of walking by girl scouts selling cookies in public places like the grocery store. Thin Mints? Yes, please!

February 22

  • Wife surprised me with a hot fudge sundae. I want to return the favor but we’re out of ice cream.

February 21

  • Videos like this shouldn’t make me laugh. But they do. http://youtu.be/tJlyZiMi08s
  • And the 2-hour delay is official. #centergrove
  • Best Harlem Shake video? http://youtu.be/4vqnSwTXAAc
  • Can anyone recommend a good online transcription service that will transcribe mp3 recordings?
  • Hands-down the best Taylor Swift video I’ve ever seen. http://youtu.be/LEdqn-Gtg-s
  • My mouse battery just died and I seriously couldn’t find my mouse pointer for 3 minutes.

February 20

  • So if Northwestern matches their 1st half production in the 2nd half and Wisconsin doesn’t put up a single point, Wisconsin still wins by 4.
  • I’m watching Wisconsin Badgers http://is.gd/7RUApp #GetGlue #WisconsinBadgers
  • Heard Debbie Gibson’s “Only In My Dreams” on the radio and felt like I was 14 again. Then I took a cold shower and was back to normal.
  • 3 more episodes of The Walking Dead in the bag. Almost caught up to the current show. Commence whacky zombie dreams.

February 19

  • Wow, that Indiana / Michigan State game was so exciting that at the end it felt like time was standing still.
  • Trying to determine if antonym is the antonym of synonym.
  • If the zombies ever attack, I’ll be ready! http://imgur.com/gallery/aZxJDwI



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