Trade in your old iPad to Gazelle and earn an extra $10

GazelleIf you’ve been thinking about trading in your old iPad for a newer one, now might be the time. Gazelle set up a special offer for my readers that will earn you an extra $10 on any iPad trade in with a value of $25 or more.

But you have to use this link to get the deal: Earn an extra $10 on any iPad with a trade in value of $25 or more (offer expires 3/21/14)

Gazelle has my Noobie stamp of approval. I’ve used them in the past when I traded in my old iPhone and banked $158 in cash. The whole process was simple and painless.

Gazelle also accepts iPhones, Android phones, Mac computers, iPod and other electronics. In fact, since 2008, Gazelle has paid out more than $150 million for trade in electronics. So yeah, they’re the real deal.