Top Recipe Apps To Download Today

Top Recipe Apps To Download TodayWhether you’re an aspiring chef or someone who loves tinkering around in the kitchen, recipe apps can help you tremendously. Browse through these 13 recipe apps to get cooking!

13 Recipe Apps You Need For Amazing Meals

1. SideChef

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Cooking doesn’t have to be overwhelming with one of the best cooking apps for beginners. People who want to try making a meal for the first time won’t have to panic. SideChef gives step-by-step instructions for delicious meals, including photos, videos and voice instructions. Recipes using certain ingredients will also populate by searching for that particular ingredient in the app.

Download now: Android | iOS

2. Tasty

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Remember those delicious recipe clips on Facebook for salads, steaks and other mouthwatering goodness? You don’t have to log on to Facebook to look for those delicious recipes when you download the Tasty app. It’s especially great for people who don’t have the patience to sit through a 20-30 minute video for a recipe. The videos on this app are short but still packed with the information you need to cook a scrumptious meal.

Download now: Android | iOS

3. BigOven

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With over 350,000 recipes in its archive, BigOven has one of the most diverse selections amongst the recipe apps out there. You can favorite certain recipes and clip them from websites. Got your own delicious twist to a crowd favorite? Upload it on BigOven and share it with everyone! You can download the BigOven app for free or get a subscription for $1.99/month for more perks.

Download now: Android | iOS

4. Yummly

A relatively new app, Yummly still has a few kinks but it makes up for it by the sheer volume of the recipes in its vault. It has so many recipes to choose from that you can make your own personal menu from it. You can save your favorites, create grocery lists, and even come up with specific diets using the recipes in Yummly.

Download now: Android | iOS

5. Kitchen Stories

Get basic kitchen know-how from the Kitchen Stories app for free! The app won’t just give you basic tips and tricks for cooking, it can also create shopping lists and convert measurements for you automatically. It’ll be so much easier for you to cook without having to open another app for those things.

Download now: Android | iOS

6. Cookpad

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If you’re looking for more social recipe apps, then Cookpad will work well for you. Aside from looking up recipes from other users, you can also share your own. Make friends with fellow cooking enthusiasts and share kitchen tips and tricks in this app.

Download now: Android | iOS

7. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes gets all its instructions from more than 30 million users. Like other recipe apps, you can create grocery lists, filter meals by ingredient, and even exclude foods you don’t like in the search list. But, aside from being able to do all that, you can also see prices of the ingredients you need to use as well as which stores sell them.

Download now: Android | iOS

8. Weber iGrill

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If you’re a big fan of grilling, then you should download this app from Weber. The makers of one of the most popular grills today makes grilling more interesting with this free app. You can see recipes of the week as well as grilling guides to make you feel like a grill master.

Download now: Android | iOS

9. Hippie Lane

If you have a sweet tooth but are too health conscious to indulge, try recipes from Hippie Lane. This app offers vegan dessert options that are free from gluten, refined sugar, dairy, GMO and other harmful chemicals. Now you can have cookies, cakes, and other sweet options without worrying about all that extra baggage.

Download now: Android | iOS

10. Green Kitchen

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Here’s another app for the health conscious. Green Kitchen is one of the best healthy recipe apps available today. It has about 130 options for you to try and work with. You can download this app for your iPhone or iPad for $3.99 and enjoy its integration to iOS features like searching for recipes via Siri.

Download now: iOS

11. The Liquor Cabinet

Trying to impress someone with a drink? Don’t just buy one, make it! Download The Liquor Cabinet to start mixing drinks to compliment those delicious dinners. This app gives you hundreds of cocktail options to try yourself using brandy, vodka, rum, agave, gin, and whiskey. Search through the app to choose from the most classic drinks to the most mind-blowing blends.

Download nowiOS

12. PDT Cocktails

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Here’s another option in the liquor-based recipe apps. This time, it’s from the famed New York Speakeasy Please Don’t Tell bar For $9.99, you’ll have access to 400 mixed drink recipes with options to search through the list via base spirit. You’ll love this app, whether you’re a bartender or a regular person who loves an excellent cocktail!

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13. Tender

Tender users should download this recipe app as well. Just like the dating app, you’ll get a chance to swipe right or left on thousands of meal options! You’ll just have to keep swiping right on the meals you like then visit them after to see cooking details. You can create an account or log in using your Facebook account to start looking for your match made in kitchen heaven!

Download now: Android | iOS

Need a sneak peek of what you can expect in these recipe apps? Watch Tasty’s top 10 recipes of all time below.

Cooking won’t be such a hard task with the help of recipe apps. With one or two of these useful apps, you’ll be able to rule the kitchen and impress your loved ones. If you love cooking, baking, or even mixing drinks, pick out the best recipe apps from the list for your food-making needs!

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Top Recipe Apps To Download Today
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