Top 10 Thanksgiving “Movers & Shakers” on Amazon

The Original SpiraLife Vegetable Spiralizer

If I asked you to guess what Thanksgiving-related items on Amazon have the biggest gain in sales rank, what would you say? I bet you that none of you would come up with a pasta pot, or funny coffee mugs. But those two are both in the top ten list.

Here’s the full list of Thanksgiving Movers & Shakers on Amazon right now. If you hurry, there’s still time to order them before the turkey hits the table!

  1. Spiralizer
  2. Coffee roaster
  3. Funny coffee mugs (warning some are a bit adult-themed)
  4. Potato ricer
  5. Thanksgiving table runner
  6. Christmas cookie cutters
  7. Turkey roaster
  8. Gravy boat
  9. Turkey baster
  10. Pasta pot

When you’re done checking out the list above, check out Amazon’s Thanksgiving Event for, as Amazon puts it, “all the products your guests need to prepare to host, cook, and enjoy the perfect Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. From fall table inspiration to family fun + games this one stop shop has it all. View our tops picks for turkey essentials, festive appetizers + seasonal sides and fall drinks + desserts. Discover an array of products to help stock kitchens, upgrade cooking tools and inspire table décor to ensure a stress-free holiday.”

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And lastly, check out Amazon’s special selection of Thanksgiving promotions and deals.

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Top 10 Thanksgiving “Movers & Shakers” on Amazon
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