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When people are planning and creating a new business website, more often than not, they have the design of the website front and center, which is absolutely the right thing to do. It is, however, by no means the only thing to consider. Web design is a hugely complex and multi-faceted job that encompasses many different technologies and competencies. Your website needs to look good while showcasing your company’s brand, but it also needs to be usable and feel comfortable to use. Accumulating the knowledge and experience for this sort of multilayer web design takes many years and that’s why your choice of design company is as important as any other decision you’ll make around your new company website.

These days your website can be the most important marketing tool you have—we no longer use phone directories or newspapers for contact information or specials. We use the internet, and in turn we use your website. Your website is an indispensable marketing tool

But how do we make that decision? Well, it’s actually easier than you think! Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when you’re looking at web design that will help you select a design company.

First Impressions Matter

Seven seconds.

That’s how long it takes from when a user lands on your website before they decide if they’re going to stay on the site or leave it and find another. You have to make an excellent first impression and the design of your site is what’s going to make it. Users are looking for a clean, easy to understand web design—they’re looking to feel comfortable on the site. Once they feel that comfort, they’ll start to dig deeper into what you have to offer.

Don’t Drown the User in Text

28 percent.

That’s how much of the text on your website the average user will read. And it gets lower the more text there is on the page. It’s important then that the 28% of the text the user does read are the key points you want the user to read. That means highlighting it or making it bigger—making it stand out in one way or another.

Your Website Must Reflect Your Brand

The most important thing about web design is that it reflects your brand. If you have an established corporate identity or colors and logo, it needs to tie directly into your web design as much as possible. Your website is an online representation of your company and should reflect as such.

These are just three things to consider when you’re looking at web design but now that you have some information about what makes a good website, you’ll want to use this to choose a web design company.

Ensuring the web design companies you look at take them into account, you can be sure they are on the forefront of website usability and design trends and will have your website attracting and retaining customers with ease.

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