There’s more to picking your favorite team in a video game than you think

I’ve opted in (subscribed) to email lists in lots of interesting ways. I’ve requested free reports, downloaded software, completed an online purchase and filled out a “send me your newsletter” request. None of these actions surprised me when the company added me to their mailing list.

But it looks some companies have stepped up their game. Take for instance, the FIFA 15 game my son got for Christmas. When he first played the game, it asked my son what his favorite soccer team was. My son thought nothing of it and selected Manchester United.

Several weeks later, he received this email:

Manchester United email optin

I’m not upset at this email mainly because they clearly stated how my son got on their list and they provided (somewhat easy) instructions on how to get off the list. What amazes me though is that selections in video games are now resulting in optins to email lists.

What do you think of this? Would this bother you if it happened to you? Or do you like the fact that companies are paying more attention to your interests, even in the video games you (or your children) play? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.