Thank you Kroger for replying to my tweet… 104 days later

Have you ever received an email reply that arrived months after you sent the original email? You know the kind of email that lets you know the person you emailed finally got around to cleaning out their email inbox? I think I just received the Twitter equivalent of this from Kroger.

As you can see in the image below, I tweeted on December 30th stating how I used Kroger’s ClickList for the first time and that despite a few minor bumps I would definitely use the service again. I also tagged Kroger’s Twitter account in my tweet.

Kroger tweet reply

That was the end of it—or so I thought. A full three and a half months later, I get notified that Kroger responded to my tweet. Worse yet, their reply is just telling me that Kroger ClickList pickup is available. Well duh, I know that. I used it back on December 30th, remember?

Google Suite Cheat Sheet

I hope Kroger isn’t paying their social media manager a lot of money.




  1. Maria Rose

    That was funny about Kroger’s. I happen to have friend who works in a store down in the state of Georgia. Like you said the company doesn’t have a big social imprint yet and probably the Twitter account doesn’t have a fully dedicated employee to handle comments on a regular basis.

    • Patric Welch

      Yup. And it feels like they just hired a new social media person who went back through the last few months of social media mentions and replied to them. In my case, it would have been better for them to just not reply.

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