Technology doesn’t have to be scary with Xfinity

Scary Halloween tree

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The month of October usually conjures up thoughts of scary Halloween costumes and scary movies on TV. But for some, it also conjures up thoughts of technology horror stories.

Luckily, for Xfinity customers, technology doesn’t have to be scary any more. Here are five scary technology scenarios that you can easily overcome with the Xfinity X1 platform – no garlic or wooden stakes required.

1. I forgot to record the game!

It happens to the best of us. You’re out with the family hand-picking your Halloween pumpkins when you realize you’re never going to make it back home in time to catch the football game. And of course, you forgot to set your DVR to record it before you left.

Relax. With Xfinity, you can specify your favorite teams (football, basketball, baseball and more) and your Xfinity X1 DVR will automatically record the games for you.

2. I missed a new show!

All you wanted to do was refill your coffee mug in the kitchen at work. Instead you ran into your co-worker who couldn’t stop talking about that great new show that was on TV last night. You know, the one you didn’t see?

Never fear. With Xfinity, you have access to a huge library of on-demand movies and television shows. They even make it easy by grouping shows together with categories like “Fall TV Premieres”. With a few clicks of your remote (or a simple voice search), you’ll be watching that new show you missed in no time.

3. I just want to find (and watch) a scary movie!

Talk about nightmares. Nobody wants to surf the television channels, one at a time, to see if there is a good scary movie playing. Sure, you could use the on-screen guide, but you still have to page through all the channels to find something you like.

Next time use the voice search feature on the Xfinity X1 remote. Just hold down the microphone button and say something like, “scary movies” or “horror movies”. When you do, X1 will display thumbnails of all the current and upcoming scary movies, both on live television and on demand.

Got the fever for a specific scary movie? Use the voice search again and say the name of the movie. For example, Friday the 13th.

4. I don’t know what channel the game is on!

Ready to watch a baseball team make a run for the World Series? Want to make sure you don’t miss that gridiron battle between two top 10 college teams? Don’t let finding the best games scare you.

Instead, use the Xfinity X1 Sports app. Just press “C” on your Xfinity X1 remote. From there you can easily see what games are currently playing and what games are coming up soon – all conveniently sorted by sport.

If you’re a real sports junkie, keep the Sports app on the screen while watching the game for live in-game statistics.

Tech Made Easy

5. I want to control what my kids are watching!

There’s no denying that kids love screen time. This includes time in front of the television. But, as parents, we can’t always be with our children round the clock which can make restricting when and what our kids watch a scary experience.

Thankfully, Xfinity X1 allows parents to set appropriate restrictions via a Locks PIN. Parents can use the PIN to restrict movies or television shows with a certain rating. Additionally, they can restrict specific channels or programs.

And if screen time in general is a problem, parents can restrict what days and times their kids are allowed to watch television.

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Have your own scary technology experience not listed above? Visit your local Xfinity Store for help!

Technology doesn’t have to be scary with Xfinity
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