Moving 101: What Tech Can Help You Move?

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Moving isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, especially when we consider our busy lifestyles and things we have to do during the moving process. There are things to pack, movers to communicate, and other logistical concerns to take note of.

And at a time where smartphones and other gadgets dominate our schedules, can we really add a move to our jam-packed schedules? Turns out, we can – and we have a lot of technology to help us complete the perfect move. Here’s how you can choose the perfect tech to assist you with your move:

Rely on Handy Navigational Apps

It’s a good idea to visit your new community and neighborhood months or weeks before the move. You want you to have a good idea as to what institutions (schools, hospitals, police precincts, among others) and recreational places (malls, restaurants, among others) will be near your new home.

Instead of wasting valuable money on gas, though, you can instead look at your computer or smartphone and check the neighborhood with handy navigational apps. Google Maps, among other apps, can give you a quick glance as to what places around your new home exist. To top it all off, they come with pinning, saving, and even directional features that let you go around the neighborhood without actually being there.

Settle Your Payments and Other Relevant Documents Online

While most government services give the impression that you have to personally file, wait, pay, and claim specific documentation, licensure, and certificates, this isn’t always the case. A lot of countries have local governments that have established reliable online networks and channels that allow patrons and citizens to pay their dues through online forms and online payments. This helps especially if you want to go to offices to find out requirements on moving to Manhattan, and other legal matters concerning your move.

Take Inventory with Digital Spreadsheets and Notes

Taking inventory of everything you own is important when you move as this becomes your repository of everything you own. If you have a lot of things with you, it’s important to take note of what you own and how many of each item you own so you know what you want to keep, sell, or even throw away.

All this information can be hard to compile with an actual notebook, but it’s possible to do it if you have a digital spreadsheet or a digital notebook from a service like Evernote. Spreadsheets have handy cells and other features we can use to list important stuff you need and allow you to modify this information to your needs.

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Buy Your Packing Materials Online

Another perk of using technology for your move is that you’ll essentially avoid the need to go to brick and mortar stores for your packing materials. Simply visit an online store like and get your moving boxes, packaging tape, and other moving supplies, as well as important equipment you’ll need to make your move possible.

It might take a few days for things to arrive (so planning helps!) but this does help you save some money.

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Use Online Communities to Find Reliable Professionals

Just because you’re planning on becoming extra hands-on with your move doesn’t mean you should forget about seeking professional help. Services like your best long distance movers, interior decorators, and even brokers can be accessed via online communities and forums. You can let go of yellow pages now, and you can instead find out where the best professional services are by looking for them in social media, online forums, online home improvement communities, or even applications specifically built for you to find services.

Moving Made Easy: It’s Possible With the Right Tech

It helps to remember that modern improvements in technology can actually help you achieve a seamless moving experience, provided you use them correctly. As modern digital netizens, it’s possible to use gadgets, smartphones, and even applications to our advantage to maximize the moving process and make things much easier and faster – from finding a new home, getting access to movers and other services, to even organizing our belongings.

Need some more moving tips? Watch the video below to learn 16 stress-free moving hacks and packing tips everyone needs!

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