Six Gadgets and Tech Innovations Your Business Could Use


Businesses need to be constantly keeping up with technological innovations in order to ensure that they are staying ahead of their competition. In 2020, there are many gadgets and new forms of technology that could play a huge role in improving your business. From new automated processes to cool hand-held printers, not everything will be right for your company, but you may find something totally revolutionary.

Here we take a look at six gadgets and other tech innovations that could actually make a difference to your business in 2020.

1. The world’s smallest mobile color printer

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One rather incredible innovation coming to business in 2020 is the PrinCube – billed as the world’s smallest mobile color printer. This handheld device can print on virtually any surface or material, prints in incredible clarity, and fits easily into your hand (and even your pocket).

Easy to set up and manage, the printer could be a fantastic tool for your business if you create customized products, or you just have the need to quickly print ink onto anything. It’s perfect for instantaneous branding and could be truly business altering.

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2. Automated invoices

One of the biggest time drains on your business is in the lengthy time it takes to process invoices correctly. It is a time-intensive process, taking up valuable resources in your team, and as it is a manual task it can be quite arduous and dull for workers. That’s why many businesses are investing in automated invoices in 2020.

Automated processing software has been shown to increase invoice processing efficiency by up to 75%, and it can free up time in your accounts team to allow them to get on with more business-critical work.

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3. Real-time translating earbuds

WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds
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The TimeKettle WT2 Plus translator earbuds really do feel like a product that has come from the future. These earbuds are able to listen to someone speaking in another language and translate it in real-time into a language that you understand.

The product comes with two earbuds so that each person in the conversation can wear one, meaning that you can have important business meetings and discussions even if the two of you do not share a common language. From your business’ perspective, this revolutionary technology will open up a huge range of different marketplaces for you, and ensure that you can always make yourself understood.

4. Standing desks

One of the major issues facing businesses – and more specifically, their employees – is that sitting down all day is not ideal for the health. Not only does it make it more likely for members of staff to develop back or neck pain, but it can also make individuals more likely to develop serious health concerns such as slowing metabolism, which can have an impact on issues such as weight, blood pressure, and more.

One of the ways to deal with this is to provide staff with standing desks. These desks are available with adjustable height so that workers have the option to sit, but can also spend a part of their working day standing up.

5. Portable power banks

If you do a lot of business traveling then you may well have encountered the problem of your mobile phone or tablet running out of battery. This can be very stressful and actually make it far more difficult for you to get your work done on the road.

Thankfully, however, there are now very high-quality portable power banks that can ensure that you always have power when you need it. This is typically not expensive and can be a real lifesaver if you find yourself needing your phone or tablet for an important meeting but don’t have access to a wall socket.

6. Wireless floodlight cameras

Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera
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Of course, business security is extremely important for organizations of all sizes, but for small businesses, it can be especially difficult to put strong security features in place at a reasonable price. However, this could change with the launch of the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera – a security camera with its own floodlight.

And given that the product can be bought for less than $250, it is something that virtually any business can afford. It can be a brilliant gadget that can be stuck anywhere around your place of work and can act as a deterrent to crime.

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