100 Point Challenge: Team Building Online From Home

Team Building

Tired of playing trivia against your colleagues at your virtual after work? We are too!

Thankfully, you have a new choice – one that provides a refreshing change in format, especially if you are looking for an online team-building game to play with your colleagues while working from home.

The Puzzle is an online team problem-solving game that is played as a competition between teams.

The Puzzle

The idea is for your team to solve 10 individual puzzle pieces – which are a mix of riddles, logical reasoning, and visual puzzles, as well as an overall master puzzle question, quicker than the other teams.

Designed to be played remotely, it is simple in its delivery (no technical skills required), and a great way to engage team-building with your colleagues remotely.

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Some of the puzzles are quite easy and some are more difficult than others, requiring some teamwork to find the answer.

You can choose to have the game hosted by facilitators or get a “DIY” version that you can lead for your colleagues. But spoiler alert – if it’s you who downloads the DIY game then you will get the answers so you can’t actually play it.

It takes about 10 minutes to look through the instructions. You will need to do a little bit of pre-planning in terms of how you want your colleagues to chat with each other and how you want them to submit their answers to you as the game master. This is all part of the team-building.

Any of the video conferencing platforms work fine but we used Zoom.

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The Puzzle team-building game is played over about an hour – including briefing time and going through the answers. So it’s a good fit as a virtual after work or as an energizer if you have a long day of meetings or a conference.

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