Someone please prove to me DIRECTV On Demand isn’t a sham

This article was published in 2011. It is now 2018 and I can tell you with full confidence that DirecTV Now (the new “DirecTV On Demand” is a decent service. It’s nice to be able to reflect on how time has healed this sore spot. However, it’s still not the most preferred streaming option among consumers, rivaled by Hulu, PlayStation, and other Streaming Services.

DirecTV Now is a cloud-based streaming service that allows you to watch any of the shows and networks you subscribe to live, and later. You can watch with any DirecTV NOW supported devices, such as your apple tv, Amazon Firestick, Roku, browser, or smart device.

It is important to note that the DirecTV Now is not DirecTV – a satellite service that brings shows to your home with DVR capabilities. DirecTV is just a streaming service.

Users have different package options. Essentially, the more you pay, the more channels you have access to. See which package is right for you here. This information was pulled April, 2018.

Below is the original article for reference, and again, I’d like to applaud DirecTV Now for their improved options and service!

I have had DIRECTV On Demand for a little over 2 weeks now and guess what? I never use it. In fact, I think it’s a total sham.

Now, exactly what is DIRECTV On Demand? Before I explain, let me back up a minute. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a wireless connection kit from DIRECTV that, once connected, allowed me to do two new things.

The first was to watch and control shows on my iPad. Admittedly, this is pretty cool but not what I want to talk about today. What I do want to talk about is the second feature, DIRECTV On Demand.

7,000 shows and movies at no extra charge

DIRECTV On Demand is supposed to allow me to get over 7,000 shows and movies On Demand on your TV, at no extra charge. I say horse hockey.


When I first fired up DIRECTV On Demand, I was overwhelmed at the number of movies available on demand. That part they got right. What they didn’t get right is how many of these are free to watch.

Almost every single movie I looked at on the list cost money to watch. And the ones that were actually free were movies I had little to no interest in watching.

Worse yet, there is no filter available to show only the movies that are free. Instead, you have to painstakingly go through the entire list of movies, one screen at a time to see which ones don’t have dollar signs next to them.

It gets even worse with the TV shows

As for the shows, it seems like DIRECTV just aggregated a list of television shows I already get on the normal channels and now told me I could get them on demand (by recording them when they air and then watching them later). No wonder they can claim 7,000 movies and shows at no extra charge. Duh.

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And when I did finally decide to bite the bullet and pay for a movie, I was informed I couldn’t buy the movie because it was on the STARZ channel and I didn’t subscribe to that channel.

What?!?! How on earth is this video on demand?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

So, let me get this straight. I used to use my channel guide to figure out what shows and movies were playing on channels I pay for. And if I wanted to buy a movie on pay-per-view I would look at the pay-per-view channels (the 100s on DIRECTV), find a movie I want to watch and buy it. Now, I have every show, every movie, every premium movie and every pay-per-view movie all aggregated into one ginormous list that I may or may not be able to access and/or pay for.

Am I missing something here? Any other DIRECTV On Demand users out there want to tell me where I’m wrong? How about you, DIRECTV? What’s your response?

Editors note – this article has been updated on April 11th, 2018 for accuracy and relevancy.

Someone please prove to me DIRECTV On Demand isn’t a sham
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  1. walter surgis

    you are absolutely right. this is a real sham. i ran into the same thing. they dont have a free filter because they are trying to entice you into getting encore starz etc when i saw the ad for on demand the filter on the movies was comedy drama romance etc etc and one that said FREE making me believe you could find free movies this way but that word FREE doesnt appear on my list was it removed or did it not really exist hmmmm false advertisements!!!

  2. J

    You are absolutely correct. Directtv is a joke for watching movies. I just get the DVD instead…sigh…

  3. Patric Welch

    Glad to hear it’s not just me :)

  4. evan

    i’m new to directv, 24 hours now, and i tried to on demand the latest episode of ‘suits’ on usa network and i thought the same thing you did too, that i had to record a future broadcast of the show, but i quickly learned this is not the case. when you want to watch a previous episode of anything, the list of options of the show you want to watch doesn’t have a ‘watch’ option but actually a ‘record’ option. the ‘record’ option actually downloads the show to your playlists, which you can then instantly watch while it’s downloading. you would think it would say ‘download’ instead of record, so i thought the same thing you did, because i didn’t want to record the show—i just want to watch it.

  5. car shipper

    Yep, I just connected to the wireless on demand router…..What a joke…..not happy right now

    • Jenan

      Installed the On Demand thing yesterday. So excited. Today, I am wondering how I got duped. Yes, no filter for the free/paid. so you scroll through endlessly. Little seems to be free and as someone said, the free ones are not of any interest. This is a joke. On me.

  6. Terrence

    When you sort through the movies it has the channel name underneath the movie if it is not selected; look for channels you subscribe to. Most of the movies are CINE which are Direct TV’s movies (none of which are free). Hope this helps!

    As far as movies go…yeah it sucks; even the movie channel movies suck. TV shows can be cool if they happen to air on a channel you subscribe to and actually have full seasons available. I hope you were not looking to watch that episode of MARVELS: AOS you missed last week though because if it is not scheduled to re-air and you didn’t DVR it then you are SOL which SUCKS!

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