Top 10 Smart Home Automation Systems To Install

Top 10 Smart Home Automation Systems To InstallSmart home automation products work to make our lives easier. Come home from your holiday vacation with a sense of ease that these reliable home automation systems have kept your home safe! Check out our list of smart systems below.

Top 10 Smart Home Automation Systems

1. Samsung SmartThings

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We love Samsung’s excellent technology! Their products make everything function together.
From its hub to Connect Home Pro, the tech giant seems to have thought of it all. Furthermore, Samsung SmartThings allows control of your lighting and switches, cameras and doorbells, outlets and sensors, and much more. Best of all, Samsung SmartThings is an open platform and is compatible with Android, iPhone and Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

2. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi | Smart Home Automation System To Install Before The Holidays

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most affordable home automation systems on the market today. Raspberry Pi gets the work done for a fraction of the cost of branded products.

3. Logitech Harmony Elite

Talk about power. Logitech’s remote control is the supreme overlord of some 270,000 smart devices, and that’s just the beginning. This machine is the best universal remote we have come across, and it isn’t hard to see why. Its two separate IR blasters eliminate the need to have the hub in direct line of sight to operate the controls. Logitech Harmony Elite continues to impress by combining smart commands, which gives you more freedom and time to do other things that matter.

4. Apple Home Automation

Apple Home Automation | Smart Home Automation System To Install Before The Holidays

The Apple HomeKit, through an app, makes supported products even more convenient for you to control with the touch of a button. Since Apple products are top-rated, it only makes sense to invest in their smart home automation system. You can update your linked apps using your HomeKit. Moreover,  it’s best to watch out for the launch of the Apple HomePod in December!

5. Amazon Echo 2

Amazon Echo 2 makes for a wise investment. Amazon Echo, Alexa, is an intuitive assistant who provides better fantastic service to us. Echo 2 gives users the same smart speaker coverage in a more attractive and adaptable package. Let your device blend in better in your home with various, tastefully designed shells. Find out more here!

6. Ecobee4

When you buy the Ecobee4, you realize that the next best feature to add to your thermostat is a smart assistant. Ecobee4 comes with the usual features expected from a smart thermostat. You can expect presence detection, remote scheduling and maintaining a steady temperature in your rooms. What’s superb about this model is its integration with Alexa, which essentially means it can also play your music, add to the grocery list and more.

7. Vera Home Automation

If security is your main concern, then you should consider getting Vera. This home automation system focuses on your property’s protection with a line of cameras and sensors. The Vera Hub is also cost-effective at below $100. Its excellent tech support that comes with your purchase is also worthy.

8. Nest Learning Thermostat

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The Nest Learning Thermostat is always improving. This product has launched its 3rd generation smart device, and we’re ecstatic to see how it ante up its features to become indispensable. Its technology is still the standard to beat, tracking your temperature preferences and makes a tailored program according to your schedule. Finally, the Nest Learning Thermostat is a must-have for the holidays, with its energy-efficient performance and thoughtful packaging. Your purchase even comes with a screwdriver!

9. IKEA Trådfi

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Ikea makes its way into our home automation plan with its highly competitive smart lighting system. Trådfi offers affordable and secure lighting solutions for the average homeowner. With kits costing less than $30 and its use of open standard Zigbee, Ikea paves the way for Trådfi to integrate devices on a more significant scope.

10. Wink Home Automation

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Wink functions like Amazon Echo and is a fantastic system to integrate most of your smart home products: Philips, GE, Sylvania, Leviton, Ring, Nest, Chamberlain, Honeywell, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Register on the Wink app or use the Wink Relay to control your devices. Wink Home Automation is available for Android and iOS.

MK-SmartHouse details his ultimate smart home in a YouTube video. Watch it now and get inspired!

Smart home automation systems are a great investment to make our lives a little more simple. Especially when the holiday season rolls around!

Are you currently using a smart home automation system? We want to know all about it below!

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