Sleep soundly with guitar music for insomnia

Sleep Soundly - Guitar Music for Insomnia

I have trouble falling asleep at night without some sort of ambient sound in the background. Anything simple will work. It could be the sound of a fan, the sound of falling rain or a thunderstorm or just gentle, peaceful music.

The Sleep Soundly CD I’m reviewing here falls in the latter category. The CD contains seven tracks of calming guitar music with a gentle ocean wave soundtrack in the background.

The CD is the product of Ryan Judd, a board-certified music therapist with a master’s degree in psychology. Judd developed this music specifically to help bring people into a deep, restful sleep.

The instrumental guitar compositions on the Sleep Soundly CD are based on the most recent research that shows the positive effects of music on insomnia. Studies published in respected medical journals have also shown that music can help in improving sleep quality of patients with sleep disorders.

Guided or non-guided

Track 1 on the Sleep Soundly CD is a guided relaxation track. This means that, in addition to hearing peaceful guitar music and ocean waves, you will get human instructions to help you focus on your breathing (among other things) and fall asleep faster. The remaining tracks on the CD do not have the guided relaxation.

The guided track is nice, but if you sleep with a partner in bed, you might want to get a pair of earbuds or headphones so only you can hear the music and guided instruction. Headphones will also help block out extra noise. Just don’t wake yourself up again when you roll over with the headphones on after you fall asleep!

On the other hand, if your partner doesn’t mind or likes the soothing music as much as you do, go ahead and play the Sleep Soundly CD ($14.95 on Amazon) on a CD player in your bedroom or purchase the MP3 version ($6.93 on Amazon) to put on your smartphone or tablet.

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