How to Find Good Short Online Business Domain Names

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There’s a lot to be said about the domain name that you choose. Good short online business domain names are important for a number of reasons. Exploring your options will ensure that you have a solid business name and domain name that is easy for people to remember.

Keep the Words Short

When you are choosing a domain name, you have to consider the number of characters and words you are willing to use. While there is no limit to the number of words in a URL address, good short online business domain names are easier to remember.

Short-term memory experiments have proven that the human mind starts to forget words and the order of the words at about seven. In some instances, people can only remember five words. The last thing you want is for people to forget your website address just minutes after you have told it to them.

Ideally, you want to limit your domain name to three words or less. If you can get away with it, choose a single word—but make it impactful enough that it tells people something about your business.

Choose Something Easy to Remember

Some words are more memorable than others. Think about the makeup of the words that you are exploring for your business. Some kind of rhythm or semantic flow will make it easier for people to speak the name out loud. If there’s a hard stop, it isn’t going to flow off the tongue as easily.

Words that have a beautiful sound to them are easier to remember because it makes people feel something. Say the words out loud and see how they flow.

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Here’s a tip: look at the highest point value letters in Scrabble. These tend to be more memorable because they aren’t as commonly found in Western languages. This means you may want to consider using letters like J, K, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

Make a List of Options

Create a list of short online business domain names that you are considering. It will make it easier for you to weigh the pros and cons of each of them.

As you stare at the list, look to see if any of them are spelled incorrectly. In your desire to use different letters, are you choosing to spell a word incorrectly? If you are, strike it off the list as it is unlikely that people will remember to spell the word incorrectly as you have.

Say the domain names out loud. If you can’t spell them out phonetically based on how they are being pronounced, it will make it difficult for you to market your website. Remember, there may be times when you have to identify your website out loud – in a YouTube video, in a radio ad, or as consumers talk about you through word-of-mouth.

Finally, look at the letter form of your domain. Regardless of the font that you use, some letters are going to be more attractive than others. You may find that one domain name jumps out at you while another simply looks odd. Additionally, a double L or an L and an I side by side can be difficult to read in some fonts, making it difficult for people to reach your website.

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By starting with a longer list of domain name options, you will have the ability to narrow down the possibilities and decide on one that is truly memorable. You can also use a name generator to help you explore other possibilities.

Do a Bit of Field Research

It’s a good idea to do a little bit of research on how your domain name is going to work. Is the domain name available with the extension that you want? Does your competition have a similar domain name where it could be confusing to consumers? You want to make sure that your website stands out as unique. If you take the copycat approach, consumers will assume that you don’t have a unique product/service.

You may also want to share the various domain names that you are considering with family and friends. Talk about them with others within your industry to see what they have to say. There may be an issue with the name that you haven’t even thought about.

Your business needs a good domain name to be successful. Don’t limit yourself to one domain extension, either. The .com extensions have been fully exhausted. The .net extensions don’t give you the kind of reputation you are seeking. This is why the .ONLINE extension has been gaining in popularity. It demonstrates that you are online and there are plenty of good short online business domain names still available.

In the end, your domain name is an extension of your brand. If people can’t remember your domain name or it is being entered into the web browsers incorrectly, you will struggle with marketing on a regular basis.

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