Servers stealing your credit card information is a real thing

credit card passing hand to hand

I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s the go to defense people use when someone tells them that they are afraid to use their credit card on the Internet. I’ve even muttered it myself many times.

“You know, using your credit card on the Internet is a lot safer than handing your credit card to a waiter at a restaurant. Who knows what the waiter does with your credit card when they’re out of sight.”

But do any of us actually know someone who has experienced credit card fraud as a result of a waiter or waitress stealing their credit card information? The answer for me is no but a few days ago I learned of a situation that hit pretty close to home.

My local FOX affiliate, FOX 59 reported that a waitress at Teppanyaki Grill, a local Indianapolis restaurant, was caught skimming customers’ credit card numbers. What’s even more frightening is that she wasn’t just writing down the credit card information. Instead, she used a small credit card skimmer she kept tucked away in her apron.

Luckily, she wasn’t too good with the “out of sight” part as one customer noticed the waitress using the device to skim their credit card. The customer immediately called 911 at which time police showed up and arrested the waitress.

You can view the full story here: Server arrested for stealing credit card numbers at restaurant

All the more reason for America to join the rest of the world and switch to the “chip” credit cards where servers complete your credit card transaction right at your table and your credit card never goes out of your sight.

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  1. Melissa W.

    Hi Patric –

    Does the Samsung new edge design make a case out of the question?

    • Patric Welch

      Funny you should ask. I just had someone contact me to send me a sample Galaxy S6 Edge case. So they must exist but I can’t imagine they would be able to protect the side (edge) of the phone which is what most people want. I’ll let you know how they work if I get my hands on one.