Selfies made easy with the Shutterball by Audiovox

I don’t know how these young kids do it. They somehow manage to hold their smartphone in their hand, fully extend their arm, aim the smartphone camera at themselves, strike a pose and touch the shutter button. It’s called a selfie (taking a picture of yourself) and it’s a lot harder to do than it looks.

Case in point, when I try to do it, I end up with a photo like this:

Selfie without Shutterball

Thankfully, help has arrived. It’s called the Shutterball and I learned all about it when I interviewed Tom Malone, the president of Audiovox Electronics Corp., the company that makes the Shutterball, on a recent episode of my Tech Talk radio show.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: Audiovox ShutterBall

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Here’s how the Shutterball works. You start by downloading the free Shutterball app (compatible with iOS 6.0 & later or Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Galaxy Note 2). When you first launch the app, you touch a button to pair the Shutterball with your smartphone. Once the pairing is complete you are ready to go.

When you are ready to take your selfie, you launch the Shutterball app which enables the camera. You can still choose to hold your smartphone in your hand or you can set it on the plastic stand that comes with the Shutterball. Either way you don’t need to be anywhere near the shutter button on your smartphone. Instead you press the button on the Shutterball and it takes a photo.

So now I get selfies that look like this:

Selfie with Shutterball

You can also use the Shutterball for videos. Press once to start the video and another to stop. It’s that easy.

One thing that threw me off at first on my Galaxy S4 was that the live camera view in the Shutterball app looked distorted and low quality. I thought my resulting photos were going to be of the same quality but they weren’t. The photos that appeared in my gallery were every bit as high quality as any of my other photos.

The Shutterball is available for around $25 and can be purchased online at

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  1. Dorothy Dotson

    Pretty cool but let’s face it.—- most people shouldn’t take selfies anyway. My reverse camera view of myself on my iPad is just plain scary and I don’t want it immortalized!

  2. Patric Welch

    Dorothy, agreed. But I still love the Shutterball for “selfie” group shots.