Save yourself from a world of squares with Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5

I love games that have ridiculously easy playability yet are still challenging to play. Such is the case with Red Ball 5.

The object of the game is to save the world from evil squares. You, of course, are a circle—or a red ball to be exact. The only controls you’ll need to use during the game are move left, move right and bounce. And the only thing you need to do on each level is roll and bounce your way to the end of the level.

Red Ball 5 - Level 4

Along the way, however, you’ll find a few challenges. Some challenges, like bouncing up a set of stairs, just require careful timing with your rolls and bounces. Other challenges require a bit of brain skill to complete them—like pushing a box to the bottom edge of a cliff so you can use the box to reach new heights you normally wouldn’t be able to.

You’ll also encounter the evil squares and other odd creatures along the way which can be squashed by timing a bounce and landing directly on top of them.

Red Ball 5 - Creatures

There’s also challenges for people who aren’t just satisfied with completing the level. Bonus stars appear throughout each level which give you additional points. You don’t necessarily have to grab all of the bonus stars to complete a level (although some levels require a minimum number of stars before you can complete the level) but you’ll find the game more challenging and fun if you do.

Red Ball 5 - Stars

Two ways to play

You can play Red Ball 5 right at your computer by visiting Red Ball 5 on Poki. While you’re there, you can also play the 4 previous versions of Red Ball, each with its own unique set of challenges and obstacles.

You can also play Red Ball on your smartphone via the Red Ball app. The latest app version is Red Ball 4 [iOS | Android] but sources tell me the Red Ball 5 app will be launched shortly.

Red Ball 5 - Level Complete

Note: This blog post was co-created in cooperation with Poki, an online gaming company developing cross platform games and publisher of the free-to-play online version of Red Ball 5.

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