Is Rosetta Stone Language-Learning Software Worth the Investment?

Rosetta Stone - learn a foreign language

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Usually, I am the one dishing out advice about technology but today I want to turn the tables. For at least the past three years I have been debating whether or not to purchase the Rosetta Stone language-learning software to learn Spanish.

Things That Have Prevented Me From Taking the Leap

  • The software is expensive
  • I’m not sure the novelty won’t wear off after a few weeks and I will shelve the software for “another time”
  • It’s a better deal if you buy all 3 sets up front but I’m worried I won’t stay committed to the entire course (see above)

Not much I can do about bullet points two and three (I just have to get my mind straight) but Amazon is tempting me once again with the first roadblock I mentioned—price. Between now and April 14, Amazon has their Rosetta Stone software titles 20% off. That’s a good chunk of change if you buy one of the full series.

How About You?

So I ask you? Has anyone purchased the Rosetta Stone software to learn a language? Did you stick with it? Do you feel it adequately taught you the language? What language did you learn? And finally, was it worth the investment?

Lots of questions but I’d love to hear your feedback. Just hurry and leave your comment before April 14th!