13 Gadgets to Pack For Your Weekend Road Trip

Road trip

Many of us are still reserved about using air travel these days which is having the side effect of making road-tripping popular again. Traveling by car still allows people to get out and travel without getting cabin fever with an at-home staycation.

If you plan to get away and unwind this coming weekend, there are some useful things you might want to pack with you before you hit the road. Don’t worry, this checklist still allows you to travel light.

13 Essential Gadgets for Any Road Trip

1. USB Car Charger 45W 5-Ports Fast USB Car

Most of our gadgets are charged from a USB port. Instead of bringing all your charger bricks, why not bring this gadget to charge your devices.


  • fast charge
  • widely compatible
  • smart identification technology- recognize the device
  • safe

2. Road Flares Roadside Emergency Kit

Road safety comes first. Make sure you check this on your list before you set out on a road trip. The Road Flares Roadside Emergency Kit contains:

  • LED flares
  • mylar emergency blanket
  • battery replacement tools
  • 2- in-1 window breaker
  • seat belt cutter escape tool

Either for regular or weekend leisure trip, you definitely need these tools in case of emergency. These essentials are guaranteed not only waterproof and crushproof but also built to last to protect you and your loved ones while on the road.

3. Schumacher Jump Starter/Portable Power Pack

There are days that car troubles happen. Don’t take chances and wait for help to come. Owning a jump starter is your lifesaver on the road. You will have the assurance you get stranded when your car’s battery has been discharged.


  • 1000 Peak Amps of power
  • LCD Display
  • Quick charge
  • Lithium polymer battery for longer life and charge cycles
  • Compact
  • Safe to use — spark-free protection against overcharging, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, and short-circuit

4. Car Rearview Mirror Monitor

I cannot overemphasize the importance of car safety. Having a reliable car rearview mirror monitor allows you to be aware of what’s happening behind the car.

This BW 7 Inch 16:9 TFT LCD widescreen car monitor allows you to get direct video feed while reversing your car. This is also perfect as a parking aid.


  • Easy clip-on
  • 7 Inch HD Monitor
  • AV in for connection to GPS devices, MP4 players, and reverse camera

5. Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

Level up your cooler with this mini fridge electric cooler and warmer. This is a must-have device to keep your food warm or beverages cooler til you find a stopover place for lunch and stretching break.


  • AC, DC and USB power cords
  • Storage capacity of 6 12oz cans
  • Easy to switch from the cooling/ warming function
  • Removable storage shelf for additional storage room

6. Garmin Drive 51

A standalone navigation gadget? But, of course! It might not be a must-have because our smartphone has tons of GPS and navigation apps.

But, it is a smart choice to have a dedicated GPS device and keep your phone in your pocket while driving. This will help stay focus and away from phone distraction. We already know cellphone use while driving is dangerous.


  • range of driver awareness features
  • Logs GPS details
  • Loaded with lifetime US maps
  • Real direction features
  • TripAdvisor ratings like attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc

7. Tablet Headrest Mount

Long road trip with kids? No problem! This car headrest mount will keep your kids and other backseat passengers entertained.

This tablet holder is compatible with 7 to 13” devices. This holder comes with multi-angle rotation for the best viewing angle. Its mechanical switch design ensures to hold your gadget tightly.

8. Handheld Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

We all know having the right air pressures in our tire is essential. This is not only to reduce the wear and tear of the tires but also for our safety.

Most often than not, the only time we remember to check the tire pressure is when we already left the gas station. Owning a digital tire pressure gauge is the best solution, so we have this equipment in our car any moment we feel the need to use. We do not have to worry about finding the next gas station.

9. Solar Inflatable Light

Camping or not, an inflatable solar lantern comes handy when you are on off the grid adventure. It is entirely powered by the sun and runs for at least 18 hours. Isn’t that a huge win for a durable and lightweight lantern?

10. Cobra RAD 380 Laser Radar Detector

Driving to a new place may be daunting to many. But with Cobra RAD 380 laser radar detector, it’s not just an easy way but also smarter choice to navigate unfamiliar areas.

You can drive safely and confidently with this gadget in your car. With new LaserEye technology, it gives you all-around protection. It can detect signals from the front and rear of your vehicle.


  • Long-range detection
  • Digital Signal Processing provides early warnings
  • Updateable software

11. Tile Mate

Is keeping track of your stuff while traveling a problem for you? No worries! Tile Mate will resolve that travel woe.

This Bluetooth-connected tracker working with the Tile app will help you find the important stuff you’re looking for. All you need to do is attached it to your keys, bag, or other things.


  • A year-long battery life
  • 400 feet Bluetooth range

12. SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

No road trip experience would be complete without an excellent Bluetooth speaker to listen to your iTunes playlist. If you’re looking for packs bold sound into a small, water-resistant speaker, this is the best find on Amazon.


  • Built-in mic and Wireless Bluetooth pairing for speakerphone – no need to take out your phone from your pocket if you want to take incoming calls.
  • A wireless range of approximately 30 feet
  • Lithium-ion battery runs 8 hours playtime
  • Bose Connect app
  • Stereo and Party Mode
  • Access to Siri/ Google Virtual Assistant

13. NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot

Keeping everyone to be connected wirelessly while on the go doesn’t have to be annoying. You can share secure internet access up to 20 people with this NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot without worrying interrupted speed.


  • Long battery life (5040 mAh)
  • Unlocked device for 3G/4G LTE internet access and accepts all SIM card
  • Data Usage Monitoring through its 2.4 inches LCD screen

Note: Data plan is dependent on your internet provider.

There you have it. With these essential gadgets, your weekend road trip will be convenient, entertaining, fun, and safe.

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