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Rideshare apps may just be this generation’s best tech achievement in terms of transportation. The convenience of getting a ride straight from your smartphone is undeniable. Compared to waiting out in the cold for a cab, this is a much more preferable alternative. Here are seven of the best rideshare apps you can download on your phone today!

Rideshare Apps | Get a Ride with Just One Tap


1. Trees for Cars

Trees for Cars is one of the more novel rideshare apps, made by Leo Grand. It’s interesting to note that Grand was homeless when he was coding the app, charging his Chromebook wherever he can just to make the app happen. Trees for Cars is his effort at reducing CO2 emissions. It connects you with other users in your area to set up carpooling schedules, thereby collectively reducing the CO2 released with each successful carpool.

2. Ridescout

Ridescout detracts itself from rideshare apps by a mile. Instead of matching you with the nearest driver, it gives you options for how you can get to your destination. When you boot up the app, it gives you many options: taxi, RideScout cars, biking, or even public transportation. This is perfect for people who like a little more options on how they get around. This app can potentially save you money, too.

3. Hitch-A-Ride

Hitch-A-Ride considers itself as a “Social Ridesharing” app, giving itself a distinction among rideshare apps. It features a social feed that gives you up-to-date information on where your friends are going, as well as other useful info such as traffic and emergency alerts. It also features a sharing option, where you can share your ride with another user to split the costs. Another feature is the option to work out payment terms with your driver. You can either pay by the mile, have a flat rate, or even just buy your driver a coffee.

4. Red Ride

What sets Red Ride apart from all other rideshare apps is this: they don’t have any cars. Instead, what they do is to collate data from various ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft and determines which service will get to your location faster. From there, you can compare arrival times and book from the app itself. This can save you so much time, as you won’t have to keep booking repeatedly just to get a ride home.

5. RideOut

RideOut is a carpooling app in the truest sense. Instead of giving you a dedicated driver on-demand like most rideshare apps, RideOut allows drivers to post their itineraries so people will know where they can get off. This is generally much cheaper than taking most rideshare apps. Prices are considerably lower compared to cabs or other rideshare apps as they will be carpooling and not shuttled from destination to destination.

6. Uber

Uber app on screen | Download These Rideshare Apps Today

Uber is one of the most prolific rideshare apps in the U.S. today. The app matches passengers who need a ride with drivers based on their GPS location. The closest one will be sent to pick you up to take you to your destination. Uber relies on a rating system for both drivers and passengers, incentivizing both sides to be nice – or at the very least, civil.

7. Lyft

Lyft is another prolific ridesharing app in the U.S. today very similar to Uber. It matches its riders with the closest drivers available. Lyft is mostly used as an option or alternative to Uber, with many people having both installed. Many testimonials will say that Lyft has better drivers, but it’s up to you which of the two you prefer!


If you’re interested to know what must-have apps rideshare drivers download, then watch The Rideshare Guy as he shares his must-have apps in the video below:

Rideshare apps are one of the most essential apps people need to download today. Using rideshare apps is a greener and cheaper way to get around compared to driving your own car. You won’t have to look for parking or pay exorbitant parking fees—these are just some of the benefits you’ll get from using these helpful rideshare apps. Try any of these apps included in this list and find out which one works for you best!

What rideshare apps have you tried out before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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