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Technological advancements make it much easier than it was in past decades for people to work remotely. Thanks to things like teleconferencing apps, project management interfaces, and instant messaging, people can collaborate with their colleagues even if they’re in a different state or country. However, one thing that is almost essential for any kind of remote work is a reliable internet connection.

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Perhaps you’ll be starting remote work soon and anticipate that you’ll do it from home most often. if so, you’re in the majority. A 2019 Buffer survey that polled remote workers found that 84% of them worked from home more frequently than other places. That means it’s crucial to find an internet service provider that can give you the reliability that remote work demands. Fortunately, there are several ways to get informed before you choose a company. 

Ask People in Your Area About Their Experiences

Internet connectivity is often heavily influenced by where you live. If you live in a big city, it’s not likely you’ll struggle to get a constant connection. But, if you’re in a rural community, getting an internet connection when you need it could be more difficult. 

Take some time to talk to your neighbors about the internet service that they have. Ask them about the pros and cons of it, and find out whether they’d recommend the brand to you. Be sure to mention that you’ll be working from home, and it’s imperative that you have dependable access to the internet.

It’s ideal if you can speak to fellow remote workers who live near you. If you’re part of a freelancer or remote worker social group that meets regularly, bring up your quest to find an internet service provider the next time you get together with that group. 

Research Mobile Internet Hotspots

If you plan to work from home most of the time but want the freedom to get online from almost anywhere, it’s smart to consider doing business with a company that offers connectivity through mobile hotspots. They’re portable gadgets that offer a Wi-Fi signal you take with you. 

You should not assume that a mobile hotspot will work when you go abroad. But, it’s possible to get options that work throughout most of the United States. Alternatively, find out if your smartphone service provider allows tethering. If it does, you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. Be sure that you have enough unused data to take that approach. Otherwise, you may end up with surprise excessive usage fees.

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When talking to a representative from an internet service provider, bring up that you currently use a mobile hotspot or would like the option to do so as you perform remote work. Then, you’ll learn whether that provider offers compatibility with mobile hotspots. It’s also worth considering whether a mobile hotspot is a must-have advantage or merely something that’s nice for you to have. 

Check Out Online Reviews

One of the most convenient things about the internet is that you can use it as a starting point to find out about almost any service or product imaginable. Begin by making a list of internet service providers that interest you the most.

For example, if you’re considering EarthLink, doing a search for EarthLink reviews could help you get more informed at a time that works best for you. As you get engrossed in the content, jot down notes that help you summarize the information. It’s particularly useful to do that if you’re trying to compare and contrast the differences between certain plans.

When you work your way through collections of online reviews, try to get a snapshot of what people like most about companies, as well as the things that might frustrate them. Then, it’ll be easier to pick out the companies that seem most able to suit your needs. 

Reliable internet access is something you can’t go without as a remote worker. These tips will give you the information needed to make a confident decision. 

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