Regram Etiquette | 10 Best Practices For Reposting on Instagram

Feature | Regram Etiquette | 10 Best Practices For Reposting on Instagram | Instagram | reposting | regrammingDid you know there is regram etiquette for reposting photos and videos on Instagram? It’s important to follow these reminders to avoid any complications and even copyright infringement cases. Keep reading to learn what you should and shouldn’t do when regramming on Instagram.

Regram Etiquette To Live By When Reposting On Instagram

1. Always Tag Content Creator

When reposting other people’s work, it’s always important to give credit where credit is due. You have to make sure that your followers know where and from whom you got your post from. It doesn’t have end with a simple tag on the photo. Tag the owner of the picture in the caption as well.

How do you tag the photo taker on your caption? Simply write “photo taken by…” or the camera emoji to indicate the original owner of the photo.

2. Ask Permission

Before you can regram anything, make sure you’ve asked permission from the original poster. You can either comment on the photo you want to use or send a direct message. This way, you can give them a heads up of your intention to repost as well as show your respect for their work.

3. Don’t Take Credit For Other People’s Photos

One of the most important regram etiquettes you have to remember is to avoid taking credit for photos you grabbed from other users. Not crediting the original owner of the photo you regrammed may lead your followers to think that you took the photo yourself.

Taking credit for other people’s posts may land you in hot water. You may be called out on social media or worse, sued for copyright infringement.

4. Follow Reposting Guidelines

Official pages, especially those with copyright materials, have guidelines for reposting their content. Make sure you read and follow these guidelines. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

5. Don’t Edit Photos

Don't Edit Photos | Regram Etiquette | 10 Best Practices For Reposting on Instagram | Instagram | reposting | regramming

Reposting guidelines will most likely include provisions on editing the photos you would like to use. Some Instagram users regram other people’s photos by taking a screenshot of the post and cropping it using their phone’s photo editor. This is acceptable if you’re not using regramming apps. But, remember, further manipulation is discouraged. Refrain from using Photoshop to alter the photo you want to regram.

6. Don’t Regram Everything

Although you can repost photos from other accounts, refrain from regramming everything you find online. Remember, you should share original content on Instagram. Continuously grabbing photos from other people may lower your integrity to your followers.

7. Use #Regram

Aside from tagging the original owner of the photo you want to repost, you can use the regram hashtag in your caption. This will show that the photo came from another user.

Never use “source unknown” or purposely leave out the original owner of the photo in your caption. You can also use regramming apps to tag the photo for you automatically. Instagram itself is reportedly looking into adding a regram button to the social media app.

8. Don’t Use the Photo on Other Social Media Accounts

If you received permission to regram a photo, it doesn’t mean you have free reign over it. Unless allowed by the original poster, don’t use the photo on your other social media accounts. You can share the actual post but grabbing the photo to use in other sites is unethical.

9. Respect the Owner’s Wishes

Say you find an awesome snapshot and want to share it on your profile but the owner doesn’t want his or her work to regrammed. It may be frustrating, but you have no choice but to follow the owner’s wishes.

10. Don’t Forget to Compliment the Owner

Whether through a DM, a comment, or on your caption, it’s good practice to show your appreciation of the photo with a compliment or two. Sharing something thoughtful is a basic part of the regram etiquette.


Now that you know the regram etiquette to follow, you can start reposting interesting content from other people. Watch the video below to learn how!

Instagram allows you to share your life through photos and videos. Although it’s completely acceptable to repost snaps from other profiles, it’s also important to follow the regram etiquette to avoid complications.

Tell us what you think about regramming photos on Instagram in the comments section below.

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