3 Digital Tools Every Real Estate Agent Needs

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Building your clientele and volume of business has to be the first concern of any new real estate professional because you can bet it’s a high priority for the seasoned pros.

When it comes to bringing in leads while giving yourself the room to really meet the needs of your actively searching clients, the key is efficiency. That’s where today’s digital resources really help, reducing the work hours needed to do your outreach and helping funnel communications to the best channels for making contact with you.

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If you’re getting your marketing and lead generation process in gear, here are three must-have tools to bring you more clients.

1. Professional Real Estate Websites

Your office no doubt has you on their website, to make it easy for people browsing their resources to pick an agent. That’s really just a starting point, though. In addition to whatever they have for an affiliated agent directory, you’re going to want a personal page for your professional activities.

Launching your own site means being able to do your own online marketing, with the leads going directly to your social media and email where you can do the work of answering queries and finding the clients who are ready to buy.

Professional real estate website design is a good investment too, it not only saves you time, but it also provides you with expert help tuning that site to be visible to people in your area who are looking to buy or sell a property.

2. Individualized Apps

Today’s clients are using their mobile devices as much as they use the internet, if not more thanks to the proliferation of apps to deliver everything from news to weather to… you guessed it, the chance to browse their listings.

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If you work in a larger office, there’s no doubt the company has put some effort into its own app. Much like the inclusion of your information on their website, it’s designed to help the whole office, not just your client base. If you want to individualize the experience for your clients, you need to build a personalized version of the experience, complete with regularly updated MLS properties and communication tools.

3. Active Social Media

On top of the web and mobile tools you use to communicate with new and current clients, active social media and content sharing strategies will help you make the most of the kind of word-of-mouth that works well online. Don’t neglect your profiles on major sites and plan your time well so you don’t get bogged down in the management of those profiles when you could be working one on one with your clients.

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