7 Best Productivity Apps Perfect For The New Year

Best Productivity Apps Perfect For The New YearThanks to smartphone apps like Gmail and Google Calendar, we all have the power to quickly respond to emails or change our scheduled day at our fingertips. Take productivity to the next level by installing these top apps on your phone. With these applications, you’ll have your task list at hand, manage your time more efficiently, communicate ideas flawlessly, and therefore increase your overall productivity.

Top 7 Productivity Apps To Start Your Year Right

Best Productivity Apps Perfect For The New Year

Every new year offers a blank slate. Even with heaps of motivation, we sometimes lose track of our resolutions along the way. It’s possible that some individuals just lose focus, so what better way to keep on track than with a productivity app. Whether your goals involve shedding pounds, collecting ideas for a book project, or getting everyone on the same page for your vacation plans, these apps will help you turn your visions into reality.

1. Trello

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  • Helps prioritize tasks at home and at work
  • Shows various tasks to boost collaboration
  • Easy to use, with minimum learning curve
  • Perfect for people on the go

2. Ink Flow

  • Great for artists and visual thinkers
  • Helps organize and visualize ideas
  • Doodle ideas and get a better visual picture

3. Evernote

Evernote | 7 Best Productivity Apps Perfect For The New Year

  • Create to-do lists
  • Record voice reminders
  • Take notes
  • Cloud-based for easy use on-the-go
  • Great for group-based tasks

4. Any.do

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  • Helps manage and prioritize tasks
  • Great for making and organizing to-do lists.
  • Encourages better task habits

5. Quip

  • Allows collaboration for maximum productivity
  • Mobile friendly allowing better workflow and ease of use

6. LastPass

  • Stores credentials for easy log in
  • Create secure passwords without hassle
  • Perfect for sharing passwords with team members

7. Wunderlist

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  • Manage and share to-do lists with friends
  • Add recurring to-dos and subtasks
  • Available on almost every platform
  • Easy to use

Watch this video for the top 7 apps to boost your productivity:

Are you stoked for the New Year? Whatever reinvention you plan to undertake for the next year, your plans can come to fruition easier if you can imagine your goals and track your progress. As a wise person once said, goals are dreams with a deadline. Download these apps today to get a head start on your resolutions.

We want to hear about your favorite productivity app! Did it make the list? Share your favorites and why in the comments below. 

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