PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have A Trouble-Free Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have A Trouble-Free PresentationIf there is one program that will have issues when you need it most, it’s PowerPoint. Maybe it’s just that when I’m using PowerPoint, I’m in front of an audience… so everyone notices! It just seems like there is always something that goes wrong. Here is a Powerpoint presentation tutorial to keep those issues from occurring. Yes, they are all from firsthand experience.

PowerPoint Presentation Basics Tutorial For A Smooth Presentation


Fonts | PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have Trouble-Free Presentation
Every computer has a different list of available fonts depending on the installed software. Most Macs have similar fonts, and most PCs have identical fonts, but Macs and PCs have very different fonts. Your best option is to bring your laptop that can hook up to the projector. I’ll mention cables below!

If you are moving your PowerPoint show from one computer to another via email or a USB drive, use standard fonts, and consider exporting your presentation as a “package” on a CD or USB drive with the File tab>Export>Package Presentation for CD option. You won’t be able to edit the file at the site, but it should keep all your settings. Think of it as a PDF version for the screen.

Projector and Use a TV to Practice

Projector and Use a TV to Practice | PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have Trouble-Free Presentation

Some projectors will show your colors darker or lighter, maybe greener or bluer. To protect your valuable words, always use a high contrast for your text, never light grey on dark grey.

Use the Presenter View if you have two monitors, and be sure you know how to use it. Hook up your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable to practice, then be sure that Slide Show tab>Use Presenter View is checked. (insert link to previous lesson: PowerPoint Notes and Presenter View) This will give you the ability to see your notes, preview the next slide, and go back to a previous slide.

Screen Shape

Screen Shape | PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have Trouble-Free Presentation
Most of us have widescreen computer monitors and laptop screens, but some older facilities, especially churches and schools, may still use a projector with an older 4:3 standard television screen format. The edges of your slideshow will disappear if you have designed it for widescreen. Call or visit the facility where you will be presenting and ask before you create your show. From the Design tab>Customize section>Slide Size, you may select Standard 4:3 or Widescreen 16:9.

Screen Shape | PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have Trouble-Free Presentation
As a backup plan, always keep your slides’ text and images near the center of the screen. Still have the design Gridlines visible by checking the Gridlines box in the View tab>Show section. Never put text or images beyond the top, bottom, left or right gridline because it may not appear on your screen.

Incompatible Sound Files

Do you have several music files within your presentation? Be sure all your music is saved in the same folder as your presentation, either on your computer or on your USB drive. In one presentation, it is a good idea to have all the audio files in the same format. I once had about seven mp3 files and one WAV file in a presentation. Everything played perfectly… except for the WAV file. There was silence for about three minutes. Then the next mp3 played just fine. Of course, I had tested the show at the venue on their computer before the presentation… but the sound was turned off, so I didn’t notice.

Different computers may also have different internal clocks, so your carefully planned song timing that begins on Slide 1 and Slide 20 may overlap the songs or have a moment of silence. After that experience, I try only to use my computer for presentations.

Mouse Click from Afar

Mouse Click from Afar | PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have Trouble-Free Presentation
Be sure to visit the site for your presentation. Your computer may be in the back of the room, while you are presenting at the front of the audience. Will you need an assistant to click your mouse? You may wish to purchase your wireless presenter, a two-piece remote clicker. One piece plugs into your computer’s USB port, and you hold the other part in your hand. Often this also has a laser pointer which you can use to point out features on your slides.

Different Computers

Different computers, Mac or PC, may have different versions of PowerPoint from 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2016. The older versions may not be able to open your show or run it properly, especially PowerPoint 2003 to 2007. Another computer may not have the specific programs to run your sound or video files, such as Adobe Flash Player or a particular sound plug-in. Did I mention you should always use your laptop when doing a PowerPoint presentation?

Different Internet Connections and Security Issues

Some businesses and schools may not allow specific internet sites, so that perfect, funny YouTube video you spent twenty hours selecting and inserting into your presentation may not work at every location. It may be the computer, or it may be the internet connection. Test your complete presentation on site before the event.

Test, Test, Test with the Exact Equipment

Test, Test, Test with the Exact Equipment | PowerPoint Presentation Tutorial: How To Have Trouble-Free Presentation
For a presentation, I always try to bring my laptop. My computer bag also has an assortment of cables: HDMI, audio, video, ethernet, and a power cord. If you are going to be frequently presenting, know what each of these wires does and how to hook them up.

Watch your entire PowerPoint presentation once after any changes. Practice in front a mirror, clicking your mouse, pretending to pass out handouts on cue, and using any props – audiences love accessories, by the way! If you can’t do this on site, use your TV and your living room for a rehearsal.

Tech Made Easy

Yeah, Likes shows PowerPoint presentation tips and tricks – tutorial on 21 skills and features:

Oh, and now that you are prepared, it will be easier to relax and remember to smile.

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