[POLL RESULTS] Have you upgraded to Windows 10?

I recently ran a poll on noobie.com asking people whether or not they have upgraded to Windows 10. Excluding the people who are not Windows users or who are not eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade, it looks like about 43% of respondents have upgraded to Windows 10 and 48% have not.

[POLL RESULTS] Have you upgraded to Windows 10?

The 43% actually surprised me a bit. I thought it would be lower. Upgrading an operating system isn’t a trivial task. Sure, the process itself may be easy (just click a few buttons here and there), but if something goes wrong during the process, that’s where the madness begins.

Personally, I have helped at least a dozen people upgrade to Windows 10 and, of those dozen people, only one of them had an issue with the upgrade forcing him to rollback to his previous version of Windows. All others were smooth sailing.

If you didn’t get a chance to vote in this poll, make sure you don’t miss the next one, currently running on noobie.com, where I ask what your thoughts are on 4K television.

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