7 Best Planning Apps You Need For 2018

Best Planning Apps You NeedAre you looking for planning apps to help you meet your New Year’s resolutions? It’s time to look for the best planner app for the iPhone and Android or the best calendar app for Windows. Read more below and learn about the best planning apps!

Top 7 Planning Apps to Download

1. Google Calendar

The best planner app for Android may just be the one Google packaged it with. What’s incredible is Google Calendar’s ability to detect dates on your emails and attachments like tickets and appointments and schedule these items accordingly.

2. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk | 7 Best Planning Apps To Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

Remember the Milk illustrates how social media can go hand-in-hand with planning apps perfectly. Aside from receiving notifications on your social media profile, messenger, or your phone, Remember The Milk app can also work with other apps like Google Calendar or Evernote. This will ensure you are informed across all apps and devices.


When you want the Internet to work for you, you can turn to IFTTT to make stuff happen. With IFTTT, you can automate a variety of tasks spanning different apps. You can schedule an appointment, follow conversations about topics you are passionate about in social media, check your fitness stats, schedule appointments, and update your to-do lists.

4. Evernote

Evernote | 7 Best Planning Apps To Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

If you love doodling stuff, storing things from the Internet for later, and using pictures to help you remember aside from cataloging tasks in to-do lists and schedules, you’ll love Evernote. Evernote acts like a series of notebooks you can use online, so if you use notes, then this is the planning app for you.

5. Wave Calendar App

What’s fantastic about the Wave Calendar App is its ability to play nice with Google and Apple Maps. Now you can add travel time to your schedule so you get a fair idea how long you’ll be out for tasks and appointments. Also, you can’t lose with beautiful interface design and smooth transitions as you move through your weekly agenda.

6. Trello

Trello | 7 Best Planning Apps To Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolution

Unlike other planning apps, Trello can help you manage the various moving parts of a project like a department project or even a family trip. It may be more of a project management app, but this lightweight tool can help you get organized and breeze you on your to-do list.

7. Jorte Calendar

Jorte Calendar packs a load of personalization features under the hood, allowing users to own their planning apps experience. Aside from being able to make the app your own, Jorte Calendar can also host pictures and enable comments as well as cloud storage and sync. Apart from working on mobile phones, the app also serves well as a desktop planner. What more can you ask for?

Watch this video for the 7 apps that can help to boost your productivity this new year:

Google Suite Cheat Sheet

Planning apps can be great tools to help you stay on the path to meeting your goals of getting six-pack abs or finishing that certificate course online. We know New Year’s resolutions are hard. Give yourself a boost by utilizing these smart tools that will work for you.

What are your resolutions for the coming year? Are any of the apps here going to help you achieve those resolutions? Share with us below.

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