9 Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

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Time to bring your four-legged friends into the 21st century with these cool pet tech toys and accessories!

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9 Cool Pet Tech Toys and Accessories for Cats and Dogs

Pet Tech Definition: Also known as “pet technology,” this is a new classification of smart gadgets and accessories aimed to help pet owners keep their pets safe, healthy, and entertained.

1. LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar Photo by Amazon

Key Features: Real-time GPS tracker and built-in light feature

Price: $99.99 (with additional Service Plan fee)

Think of the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar as your pet’s very own Fitbit. It’s essentially a piece of dog tech that tracks your dog’s whereabouts and activities.

  • The LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar is equipped with an advanced GPS tracker. By linking the collar’s GPS tracker to your phone, you’ll always have an idea of your dog’s location with just the touch of a button.
  • It also has an LED light you can turn on when you’re walking your dog out at night. In this way, you and your dog can walk safely on a lit path.
  • On a single charge, the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar can last for up to three days straight.
  • It’s made to be shock-resistant and waterproof, so you’re sure it’ll stay intact no matter where your dog goes.

2. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Photo by Amazon

Key Features: Automatic lock system and programmable SmartKeys for up to five pets

Price: $99.99

Installing the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor in your home is like giving your four-legged friend their very own special house key. It gives your pet the freedom to come and go as they please while keeping other animals out.

  • Each Electronic SmartDoor comes with small, light, bell-shaped SmartKeys you attach to your dog or cat’s collar. When the door senses the SmartKey, its flap opens, allowing your pet to go through.
  • The Electronic SmartDoor automatically locks down when it no longer senses your pet’s SmartKey. With this system, you can keep stray or wild animals from walking through the door and into your home.

3. Eyenimal Cat Videocam

Eyenimal Cat Videocam | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

Eyenimal NGCOLCAM002 Pet Agility Camera Photo by Amazon

Key Feature: Lightweight design

Price: $101.83

The Eyenimal Cat Videocam is cat tech in the form of a small camera you clip onto your feline friend’s collar. With this video camera, you can see the world from a cat’s point of view!

  • It lets you see through your cat’s eyes by streaming the camera’s footage to your phone. You can let your curious cat roam around freely, all while knowing exactly where it is at all times.
  • The camera only weighs 35 grams, so your cat might not even notice it’s there. If you’re worried that the device might be too heavy or cumbersome for your cat to carry around its neck, don’t be.
  • It can record up to three hours worth of continuous footage on a single charge alone. The camera itself is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

While this video camera was designed for cats, you can easily strap it onto your dog’s collar, too.

4. GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Toy

GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Toy | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

Is GoBone Right for My Dog Photo by GoBone

Key Features: Food-grade exterior and two play modes (auto and interactive)

Price: $149.00

If your dog loves to play with chew toys, this pet tech accessory is the one to get. The GoBone is a toy shaped like a bone that you can move with your phone to help your dog stay active even while inside the house.

  • It offers different modes depending on how involved you can be in your dog’s playtime. You can set it to “Auto Mode” where the GoBone will alternate between rolling around and staying still. If you want to move the toy yourself and have your dog chase it, link it to your phone then set it to “Interactive Mode”.
  • The outer layer is made of food-grade nylon, which makes it safe for dogs to chew on. The exterior is also durable enough to withstand your dog’s constant chewing.
  • The GoBone runs on batteries you can easily charge via USB. When the toy is fully charged, you can enjoy up to eight full hours of playtime.

5. Furbo Treat-Tossing HD Dog Camera

Furbo Treat-Tossing HD Dog Camera | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

Furbo Dog Camera Photo by Amazon

Key Features: Easy plug-and-play setup, bark detection feature, and Alexa-compatible

Price: $199.00

The Furbo Treat-Tossing HD Dog Camera is a fun pet camera with a treat dispenser. With this camera, you can check, talk, and even feed your pets from anywhere using your phone.

  • One of the best features of this piece of pet tech accessory is it’s easy to set up. Simply plug it into a wall socket, connect it to your home Internet system, then sync it to your phone, and you’re all ready to go.
  • The camera quality of the Furbo Doc Camera is also pretty good. It records footage of your pet at 1080p Full HD over a 160° field of vision.
  • The Furbo Dog Camera also has a bark detection feature. When your dog barks, the device will sense it and immediately notify you through text or email to allow you to check in on it.
  • You can even link the Furbo Dog Camera to Alexa, Amazon’s own virtual assistant. Here’s a neat trick you can try: ask Alexa to toss your dog a treat!

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6. Bissell BARKBATH Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System

Bissell BARKBATH Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

BARKBATH™ Portable Dog Bath & Grooming System Photo by Bissell

Key Features: 13-foot hose with a special nozzle attachment and bath freebies (shampoo and drying mats)

Price: $79.99

Giving pets a bath can sometimes feel like a huge chore. It can even be a messy and tiring experience, especially if you have one of those large dog breeds like a Golden Retriever, German Sheperd, or Siberian Husky.

The Bissell BARKBATH is a piece of pet tech marketed as the “next generation of dog bathing”. This gadget allows you to bathe your dog in a faster, easier, and less messy way.

  • Its powerful nozzle gets beneath your dog’s fur and dispenses a mixture of water and shampoo directly onto your dog’s skin. You then use the same nozzle to gently suck up and remove the water and dirt from your dog’s body.
  • It works for small, medium, or large dog breeds of varying fur lengths. You can give an 80-pound dog a thorough and mess-free bath when the Bissel BARKBATH’s water tank is full.

7. iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs Photo by Amazon

Key Features: Easy to use

Price: $115.00

Some dogs just can’t get enough playtime. If your throwing arm is all worn out but your dog still isn’t letting up, give the iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower a try.

  • iFetch automatically throws the ball for your dog to catch. Just place the ball into the machine’s chute and watch it launch the thing up in the air for your dog to catch!
  • It’s perfect for small to medium-sized dog breeds. The iFetch’s chute fits 1.5-inch miniature tennis balls, which is perfect for these types of dogs.
  • You can even change the machine’s launch distance. Choose your desired distance, which can be anywhere between 10 feet to 30 feet.

Tip: Set the iFetch to automatic mode, then teach your dog how to return the ball into the machine. Once you do, your dog can play fetch the whole day — even without you there!

8. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor Photo by The Whistle Shop

Key Features: Advanced GPS and cellular tracking technology and in-app, email, or text notifications straight to your phone

Price: $75.95 (with additional Subscription Plan fee)

This pet tech accessory is sort of like the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar and Eyenimal Cat Videocam rolled into one.

Tech Made Easy
  • A pet accessory that won’t distract them too much and one your pets won’t likely lose. Like the Eyenimal Cat Videocam, the Whistle 3 is a small gadget you attach to your pet’s collar.
  • It tracks your pet’s location and activities. The Whistle 3 combines two types of tracking software to pinpoint your cat or dog’s location: cellular and GPS technology. Combining these two tracking systems widens the Whistle 3 coverage, allowing you to track your pet faster and more accurately.

9. FroliCat Bolt

FroliCat Bolt | Must-Have Pet Tech For Your Cats and Dogs

Bolt Laser Cat Toy Photo by Petsafe

Key Features: Random laser patterns and two different play modes (automatic and manual)

Price: $23.99

Cats love chasing the dot end of a laser pointer just as much as we have fun watching them do it. With the FroliCat Bolt, you and your cat can enjoy hours of fun together even while indoors.

  • Pet tech designed specifically for cats 
  • Entertain your cats while barely lifting a finger, when you’re too busy to play, or even when you’re out of the house. When you turn it on, it’ll shoot random laser patterns all across the floor, over the furniture, and even up the walls that your cat will definitely pounce on.

Tip: When you leave your cat at home with the Bolt turned on, make sure to hide all fragile and breakable items first. Once the Bolt is turned on, your cat is definitely going to pounce on everything!


Learn more about dog gadgets every pet should have in this video from Advanced Future:

Technology isn’t just for humans to enjoy. These days, more and more tech companies are investing in and developing smart devices for pets too. If you still haven’t, why don’t you try one of the smart pet accessories on this list? Who knows, maybe you and your four-legged friend will enjoy it!

Do you own any of the pet tech accessories on this list? If, not which one are you excited to get for your furry friend? Tell us more about it in the comments section below!

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