23 Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Feature | dog and cat friendship | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry FriendWe put our sniffing noses to work to give you the best pet accessories coming out these past 2 years from IndieGogo, CES 2018, and CES 2019.

In this article:

  1. Pet Wearables, Trackers, Monitors
  2. Smart Feeders
  3. Smart Pet Toys
  4. Smart Litter Boxes and Pet Waste Disposal
  5. Smart Pet Systems
  6. Miscellaneous Pet Gadgets

Smart Pet Accessories For Safe, Happy, Healthy Pets

Pet Wearables, Trackers, Monitors

1. Fitbark 2

Fitbark 2 upgrades the original Fitbark’s battery life to an impressive 6 months. The Fitbark 2 will monitor health information and send it to your smartphone like a smart fitness tracker. 

Here are the some of the things the Fitbark 2 will monitor in your pet:

  • Activity level
  • Sleep quality
  • Anxiety levels

And the best part? It’s so easy to use — just hook it up to your dog’s collar and this pet tech will do the rest.

2. Petcube 2

The Petcube 2 offers design improvements over the first Petcube by making the form factor smaller. Pet owners can still look forward to the same features from the product, including:

  • The monitoring ability the pet cameras offer
  • Integrated two-way radios so antsy fur parents can talk to their pets
  • Essential pet activities, like dispensing treats for dogs or playing with cats through a laser pointer.

3. Tractive Pet Wearables

Losing a pet because of their wanderlust will break the heart of any pet owner. Tractive prevents this from happening by providing you the GPS location of your pets when they leave a pre-defined location.

Jet-setting owners can even subscribe to Tractive’s extra service, which expands the GPS tracking to over 150 countries.

4. Whistle

The Whistle Per Tracker and Activity Monitor tracks your pet’s location and sends you alerts on SMS, email, or through the Whistle app if they escape from your yard. The device will provide you with the best place to look based on the GPS signal it emits.

Aside from keeping tabs on your dog’s whereabouts, the device will also track your pet’s activities and give you recommendations if they need more exercise based on their weight, breed, and age.

5. Vava Mobile Petcam

Vava Mobile Petcam | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Vava Mobile Petcam Photo by Indiegogo

In case you or your pet have a bad case of separation anxiety, you can minimize this through the Vava Mobile Petcam, which will basically follow your pet around the house.

The mobile camera, which looks like a small droid, can withstand what your pets dish out and its low center of gravity means it will stay upright even when it’s navigating stairs. It can stay on for 8 hours if your pet is active throughout that time.

When your pet is extra lonely, you can interact with them through the following:

  • Communicate with them and hear their cute voices through the two-way radio.
  • If you’re too busy or don’t want to get up from your bed, it can dispense treats or play with them using a teaser or laser pointer you can control remotely.

Smart Feeders

6. Mookkie

Mookkie | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Mookkie™ – the A.I. powered pet bowl Photo by Mookkie

The pet tray transforms into a battleground, especially when other pets get their snouts into your other furkids’ bowls. It can also be a point of infection if pests get to those treats first.

Mookkie solves this problem by sealing the feeding tray and only opening it for your pet. What separates Mookkie from other smart feeders is its use of A.I. to recognize what your pet looks like and opening the flap when they’re near.

Smart Pet Toys

7. Hexbug Nano

Who knew cats and robots could go so well together? The Hexbug Nano copies the looks and movement of bugs to stimulate your cat’s predatory instincts and get them raring for exercise.

8. Laika

Laika | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Laika Photo by CamToy

You can now follow your dog anywhere the same way your dog follows you around through Laika. It’s a small robot that will go wherever your pet is and allow you to interact with them through a camera, radio, and a treat tosser.

9. Pebby Ball

Pebby Ball | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Pebby Ball Photo by Pebby

No time to play ball with your dog? Good thing Pebby the smart ball can cover this area for you as it can automate play time with your pet. You can likewise control the ball remotely or bring out its laser pointer if you want your cat entertained.

10. Petronics Mousr

Most of the smart pet toys out there seem to add features for cats as a design afterthought. Mousr from Petronics leaves the clouder behind by putting cats first in its looks, toy attachments, and remote control functionalities.

Smart Litter Boxes and Pet Waste Disposal

11. FootLoose

It’s hard to guess if your cat is sick because they tend to hide any symptoms and hide off somewhere when the illness gets the better of them. Footloose, a smart kitty litter, will not only self-clean your cat’s waste, but it will also notify you about any trends in your cat’s health.

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12. Inubox

The Inubox will eliminate the chore of picking up your dog’s poo as it will clean itself of your dog’s droppings. It will also encourage your dog to poo in its tray and train them to go there by giving them treats from time to time.

13. iPetoi

iPetoi | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

iPetoi Smart Pet Toilet Photo by iPetoi

What’s great about iPetoi Pet Toilet is it serves both cats and dogs instead of being exclusively just for one or the other. iPetoi also boasts more robust health tracking features that upload your pet’s condition to the cloud.

14. LavvieBot

LavvieBot | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

LavvieBot – The Smartest Automatic Litter Box Photo by LavvieBot

LavvieBot eliminates the dread of litter scooping time by automating the task. What’s awesome about LavvieBot aside from self-cleaning itself is that it also automatically refills the box with litter.

The device will notify you when it’s full so you’ll only have to get rid of everything in one go once in a while.

15. Litter-Robot III

You could say the cat’s out of the bag when it comes to a feline parent’s best-kept kitty litter hack — the Litter-Robot!

It can serve the needs of multiple cats thanks to its big, open-air design. Like all the other products in this list, the Litter-Robot self-cleans by auto-sifting through the sediments and separating the waste from the clean litter.

Smart Pet Systems

16. Actijoy Pet Tracking System

Actijoy Pet Tracking System | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker Photo by Actijoy

There’s a host of manufacturers creating smart devices to improve the lifestyle of your pets. Actijoy puts its foot in the market with both a health and activity tracker plus a Wi-Fi water and food bowl to monitor your pets’ food and water intake.

17. Sure Petcare System

Sure Petcare System | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Animo Sure Petcare System Photo by Sure Petcare

Sure Petcare introduced several pet accessories you can integrate with your smart home, including

  • SureFeed Pet Feeder Connect — doles out your pet’s kibbles and tracks food intake
  • SureFlap Cat Flap Connect — allows entry only to your cats while barring others
  • Animo — a new dog tracker and health monitoring system recently unveiled by the company

18. Wagz Pet System

Wagz designed a tight smart ecosystem for your dog through its smart collar for tracking your dog’s activities, smart feeder; smart door, a treat cam which monitors and dispenses snacks for your pet, and a smart shield appliance that delivers a light, humane shock to your pet if they’re getting close to the china.

This collection of pet accessories will surely help your pet fit into your smart home system.

19. PetWALK Pet Door

PetWALK Pet Door | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Both you and your pet can enjoy freedom Photo by PetWALK

The PetWALK Pet Door is a smart pet gadget that allows your dog or cat to freely enter and exit the premises. Aside from identifying your pet, its manufacturer outfits each PetWALK Pet Door with cameras so you know who’s been having the run of the place.

Tech Made Easy

Miscellaneous Pet Gadgets

20. Basepaws Cat DNA Kit

Basepaws Cat DNA Kit | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

One simple cat DNA test Photo by Basepaws

You can now get your cat’s DNA profile when you buy a Basepaws Cat DNA Kit. The kit will supply you information about your cat’s ancestry, breed, and potential diseases.

21. Dog Parker

Dog Parker | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

DogSpot Photo by Dog Parker

Humans have smart homes, and now, man’s best friend get smart dog houses in the Dog Parker. It will house your pupper in a spacious and comfortable crib outfitted with an A/C, heater, and UV lights to kill germs and bacteria while your woofer is out.

22. Pepe Pet Dryer

Pepe Pet Dryer | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

DR 100 Pepe Pet Dry Room Photo by Pet Connexion

Pepe Pet Dryer aims to make after-bath drying times less of a struggle by giving your pets a nice, comfy place to remove moisture from their furs.

Pet Connexion, a Singapore-based company, describes their device as a sauna for cats and medium-sized dogs.

23. Petrics Smart Bed

Petrics Smart Bed | Tech-Forward Pet Accessories To Share With Your Furry Friend

Petrics Smart Bed Photo by Petrics

The Petrics Smart Bed improves your pet’s sleep, thanks to integrated temperature controls. It also improves the sleep of the owner as well since the bed tracks the weight of their pets over time.

Once the app gains insight into the condition of the pet, it will make recommendations on what diet changes the owner can make to make sure the cat or dog achieves a healthy weight.

Watch these amazing pet accessories in this video from TechVolt -previously DOPE Inventions:

Based on this list, the many lifestyle improvements the Internet-of-Things bring is also cascading down to our pets. It’s a wonderful development since the best pet tech will possibly add years to the lives of our cats and dogs. Not to mention, these innovations make it easier to go through the motions of owning a pet so you can focus more energy on spending precious time with your furry friends. Investing in smart pet accessories is probably sounding better already, right?

What pet accessories do you want for your cat or dog? Let us know in the comments section below.

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