Forgotten permission slip? Challenge accepted!

High school field trip permission slip

Back when I was a student in high school, if I forgot to have my mom or dad sign a permission slip, there was nothing I could do about it, short of asking the teacher to call my parents (and we all know how desirable that option is to a high schooler).

Oh how technology has changed things.

This morning, my son (a freshman in high school) texted me from his iPhone on the bus on the way to school telling me he forgot to have me sign a permission slip for an upcoming field trip. And of course, today was the deadline for turning in the permission slip.

Challenge accepted

I asked him to use his iPhone to take a photo of the permission slip and then email the photo to me. When he did, I downloaded the email photo attachment, cropped the image and then printed it to my printer. Next, I signed the permission slip. Then I used my all-in-one printer to scan the signed permission slip and save it as a PDF.

After verifying that everything looked good, I looked up the teacher’s school email address, emailed her the signed PDF version of the permission slip and asked her if it would suffice as a replacement for the original document. Within a few minutes, the teacher replied and said the permission slip I sent her would work just fine.

This means that my version of the signed permission slip arrived at school before my son did.

Google Suite Cheat Sheet

And for all of you who are thinking I should have taught my son a lesson by not allowing him to go on the field trip, remember that I am a die-hard techie. So instead of seeing this event as a teaching moment, I saw it as “challenge accpeted”.



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