XFINITY xFi saved me money even when I wasn’t home

Not too long ago I wrote about the XFINITY xFi system and how I love the family control it has given me over the wired and wireless devices connected to my home network. Since that writing, I've experienced first-hand yet another benefit of the xFi system. While away...

Moto Z2 Play Review

If you've been reading my smartphone reviews lately, you already know my opinion that, for most high-end smartphones, 90% of the features are all the same. So these days, I concentrate on the 10%. With that in mind, let's jump right in with the Moto Z2 Play. What's...

Waze adds roundabout 6 days after it opens

It's no secret that Waze is my favorite GPS navigation app on my smartphone. Not only does it provide great directions, but it also routes around accidents and slow-downs in real-time and informs me of where the police are hiding (not that I would need this... wink,...

XFINITY xFi: Take (back) parental control of your home Internet

SPONSORED POST In my house, Internet connectivity is like currency. It's how I get my kids to meet all of my demands. Okay, okay, it's how I negotiate with them. Don't judge me unless you've been there! The problem I've had in the past though is that when I cut off...

Watch your DVDs on your tablet or smartphone with DVD Ripper Pro

I love that we live in a digital world where we can darn near summon up any movie or television show on our tablet or smartphone via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Google, iTunes, Vudu or dozens of other services. What I don't love is that I can't do the same with the DVDs I...

Is binge watching television shows shortening your life?

I don't binge watch a lot of television shows but a few have sucked me into the dark world of couch-potato-ness. These include: Breaking Bad, Bates Motel, House of Cards and Homeland. I never really felt all that bad about binge watching these shows until I watched...

Can you use an iTunes card to purchase time on your smartphone?

QUESTION: Can you use an iTunes card to purchase time on your smartphone? - Jesse from Monticellow, New York ANSWER: As far as I know, an iTunes gift card is only good for purchasing apps (or in-app purchases), music, videos and books through Apple. I've never seen a...

I saw into the 5G future… and it was good

Which is better when it comes to data speeds on your smartphone—3G or 4G? You probably know (or guessed) that the answer is 4G just because four is a larger number than three. Good guess by the way. You might also logically conclude that the next jump in data speed...

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

I can sum up my review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 by quoting my 13-year-old son talking to his friend the other day. He said, "Yeah, my dad reviewed this demo Galaxy S8 for only 45 minutes and then he went out and bought one." He's not lying. I immediately fell in love...

LG G6 Review

If you haven't noticed, the new trend in Android smartphones is bigger screen, less border. The LG G6 is no exception. It boasts a 5.7" display in a device that still fits comfortably in your hand. The true specs say that the LG G6 has an 80% body-to-screen ratio but...

Do you use/trust online reviews?

There's no doubt that user-submitted online reviews have a big impact on people's purchasing decisions. The real question is whether or not you can trust the reviews you read. I was just teaching a class the other day where I explained how I evaluate which app to...

Fix stuff on your own

When an appliance breaks in your house, does it bug you that you need to hire a repair person to fix it only because you lack the know-how to do it yourself? Next time, head over to You'll find over 3,000 how-to videos showing you how to fix...

Would you let Amazon deliver inside your home?

I hate when I am excitedly waiting on a package delivery to my house only to come back from running some errands to find the dreaded "We Missed You" sticky note stuck to my front door. If you're lucky, the delivery service might try again later in the day but odds are...

Thank you Kroger for replying to my tweet… 104 days later

Have you ever received an email reply that arrived months after you sent the original email? You know the kind of email that lets you know the person you emailed finally got around to cleaning out their email inbox? I think I just received the Twitter equivalent of...

Win a $20k Indy 500 VIP Experience from Verizon

If you love the Indy 500, get ready to love it even more! Verizon is giving away an Indy 500 VIP Experience valued at nearly $20,000 ($19,849.70 to be preceise)! Here's what the lucky winner will receive: Two IndyCar single-event credentials and Hulman Terrace Club...

I now pronounce you XFINITY and Netflix

SPONSORED POST When I sit down to watch television, I have a sort of pecking order on what I choose to watch. If one of my favorite sports teams has a game about to start, I'll fire up my XFINITY X1 box to watch the game live. When there's no game on, I hit the list...

Pin to Start vs. Pin to taskbar

In Windows 10, there are two places you can "pin" your favorite apps. The first is the Start window which appears when you click on the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen. The second is the taskbar which is the horizontal bar that runs along the...

I already switched to the new Verizon Unlimited Plan

I don't know about your family but in mine, gigabytes of data on my cellular data plan are like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. I only plan on consuming 1 or 2 of them but before I know it, the whole package is gone. A few years ago, I was satisfied with 8 GB/month....

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