9 Best Organization Apps Sure To Make Life Easier

Best Organization Apps Sure To Make Life Easier | best productivity apps for Android | free productivity appsOrganization apps, if used correctly, can help you prioritize and focus. With these best productivity apps for Android and Apple, you can break down your long-term goals into more manageable tasks. You can also declutter your day with these best time management apps for Android and Apple. Take a look at these new tools to help you manage your day-to-day.

Best Organization Software on the Web and Mobile


IF This Then That or IFTTT is currently one of the most exciting and best organization apps for Android and the iPhone thanks to its focus on automation. It works by using applets to work with specific tasks related to Internet platforms and technologies.

Do you want to tell Google Assistant to send an emergency email blast? How about tracking your work hours automatically or your minutes spent exercising on Google spreadsheet? If there’s an applet for it, you can have IFTTT execute it for you.

2. Any.do

Any.do’s creators envision the app as your assistant. Currently, the app features a to-do list and a calendar with location-based reminders, unlimited attachments, and themes if you upgrade to premium. When it launches its Assistant feature, Any.do promises to automate tasks in your to-do list by connecting you to robots and workers online.

3. Trello

When you or your team loves working with boards, and Post-it notes, then Trello is the organization app for you. Trello is the digital alternative to your white boards and Post-it notes. What’s impressive about Trello, aside from being rid of the Post-it covered walls and the need to erase, you can upgrade your board with app integrations called Power-ups (add on features) as your team needs them. Trello is perfect for any team collaboration, whether it’s your department rushing a big product launch or your family planning a vacation to Hawaii.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is now definitely more than just cloud storage and file sharing. The Dropbox team recently upped its game with Dropbox Paper; a doc app that allows file sharing and collaboration between teams similar to Google Docs. If your team, your club, or your family needs to get their stuff together, Dropbox is the online place for you.

5. Evernote

Evernote|9 Best Organization Apps Sure To Make Life Easier | best productivity apps for Android | free productivity apps

Evernote’s appeal is its simulation of the note-taking and journaling experience. If you love jotting down your thoughts and collecting things you see on the Internet, it’s time you meet Evernote. The app makes organizing your thoughts and recording your day much easier because it allows you to upload any media you want.

6. Google Keep

Again, if you’re one for the boards, Google Keep will help you keep organized. You can jot down notes and create reminders as well as to-do lists. What’s great about it is its simplicity, and it’s one of the best free productivity apps on the web.

7. Habitica


When it’s 9 am and you’ve already conquered enough the dragon of a task, you probably consider Habitica as your choice among the litter of organization apps. Habitica uses a roleplaying game dynamic to help you develop healthy habits and manage your day-to-day. Suddenly, chores aren’t just chores anymore – they’re quests.

8. Todoist

Much like Any.do, Todoist promises to scale up productivity with its distraction-free design and powerful features. Main tasks can be broken down into smaller sub tasks and multiple priorities. This app allows you to get a better perspective on what needs to be done first. Todoist is one of the go-to organization apps when you want your task manager to be a little more nuanced.

9. Wunderlist

Wunderlist allows list creation, planning, and collaboration using the same organization app. It allows the user access to lists anywhere with a computer or a compatible phone. Smart watch integration is also a plus.

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One wise person said that “goals are dreams with deadlines.” By downloading these organization apps and breaking down your big objectives into tasks and sub-tasks, you can get working on them every single day. Knowing what tool will be perfect for you is the start to a better and more orderly life.

Do you have your list of organization apps you’d like to recommend? Comment down below and share your wisdom with us.

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